She Picked Color; He Picked Cognac


To say that my wardrobe isn’t very colorful is kind of an understatement. I gravitate toward black, various shades of black and patterns that include… black. Oh yeah, and various shades of brown. I have a few shirts that may have color and pattern to them, but for the most part my wardrobe is pretty drab.

It isn’t that I don’t like colors, it is simply that most aren’t flattering for me. The outfits that I have with color are ones I purchased when I lost weight. But since I’m not one to regularly shop for clothes, I pretty much wear what I have until I have a need to purchase something else. At that time, I try to be mindful of adding colors.

As I’ve said before, I have a strong weakness for boots, even going so far as to take boots from an abandoned scarecrow. That’s pathetic, I know. But they were just going to be disposed of; at least I didn’t wait until they were in the dumpster to lay claim to them. Well, Lugz recently asked if we would like to share more products with you. Not only do we love their products, but they usually allow us to give away a pair so how can we resist? And it’s boots. I really don’t need excuses to get boots.

Go for a little color in your closet with some of the latest footwear from Lugz. -

I have a pair of black Lugz Sophia that I seriously wear even in the summer months. They are super comfortable and REALLY cute. I decided to push my personal boundaries this time and get a pair that offered a touch of color to my otherwise neutral, boring attire. Lugz has a new line called Shifter Ballistic and boy, oh boy, do they fit the description of colorful.

Go for a little color in your closet with some of the latest footwear from Lugz. -  Go for a little color in your closet with some of the latest footwear from Lugz. -
Shifter Ballistic boots are available in purple, pink and teal in addition to the traditional brown and black. Despite my normal affinity for neutral, I ordered color. Not just any color. I ordered pink. It’s NOT like me at all.

Go for a little color in your closet with some of the latest footwear from Lugz. -

I paired them with a pair of khaki shorts and a pink shirt and I was good to go. These boots made a definite statement and made me feel less than my mid-40s. Will I wear them all the time? Not a chance. I need to give equal time to the Black Sophia boots, remember. Will I wear them to be fun and festive… and different than normal? Absolutely!

Go for a little color in your closet with some of the latest footwear from Lugz. -

While I was picking a bright color, Scott was soothing himself with Cognac. Not the alcohol. He’s a fan of Lugz, too, and was quite happy to hear his collection would be getting an addition. This time, Arbor Mids in Cognac color. As with the others, Lugz delivered comfort as well as style.

Scott and I continue to become bigger fans of the Lugz brand and encourage you to check out the variety of styles and colors available for the family. Follow Lugz on Facebook and Twitter to learn about their newest lines and latest promotions.

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87 thoughts on “She Picked Color; He Picked Cognac

  1. Since I work at home my clothes are mainly blue jeans and bright shirts that would totally match these bright colored shoes.

  2. My wardrobe is definitely practical. I work at an environmental center, so it’s all sturdy jeans, cotton tops, and supportive shoes for me.

  3. My wardrobe is certainly colorful. Oh yes, once a hippie, always a hippie. Only they call it BoHo now! I love it always. And it’s quite practical, too. I have a husband who never really takes me out… LOL only need practical.

  4. Practical is one way to describe my style. Casual is more accurate. On my good days I can hit “sporty” pretty well! Working with kids, I’m active and on the move. Lugz are great for getting outside with the kids, and still looking stylish!

  5. My wardrobe is mainly neutrals, with a lot of blacks. Not exactly Goth….but you know, pretty close. I think it’s time for a change, gonna get me some brights and pastels!

  6. I need a pair of short boots for this coming season and Lugz seems to be the way to go. I will be searching the stores for them but will probably go for a neutral color!

  7. The outfit I bought needs a pop of color. The pink Lugz Shifter Ballistic boots would be perfect! Hope I win them in your sweepstakes. Thanks for the chance to win.

  8. Phew Nicole! Glad that you clarified that Scott was styling with Cognac boots not booze! Hahaha! 🙂 l love the different colors and plan to get a pair for the fall. Loving that pink too.

  9. I work outdoors, on our farm and at a non profit that is mainly outside as well. these would be great, and pink brightens up the rainy days we’ve had.

  10. My wardrobe is pretty practical — mostly neutral colors. I do like adding pops of color in with my accessories though.

  11. My wardrobe is definitely more practical tgan fashionable. I’ve been a SAHM for 4 years now, and I homeschool my 3 kids as well. I honestly wear sweats and tank top the majority of my time. Or if I need to be seen, jeans and a tshirt. I usually gravitate towards green, black, and grey. Sometimes I wish I could go on that What Not To Wear show, because I have no style whatsoever and still dress like I did in high school! Lol.

  12. My wardrobe is practical. I don’t feel comfortable in bright colors or crazy prints. I like basic colors: navy, black and white.

  13. I love the navy/cream/gum color. It seems like it would go with anything and everything. The pink ones are cool too.

  14. My wardrobe is definitely practical – I don’t like wearing bright colors, mostly earth tones but once in a while I’ll wear red, but it has to be a dark maroon color 😀

  15. Bright or practical? My first impulse was “bright” but when I looked down at myself, I’m wearing dark jeans, a navy shirt, and a dark grey hoodie, with black socks and shoes, so I guess I’m in the “practical” group. Looks like I need some “bright” in my life!

  16. Personally, I wouldn’t wear any of the colored ones but they are cute. 🙂 I could almost see my 23 year old daughter wearing them, she can pull anything off! 🙂

  17. I only have a few pieces of clothes in my closet because I always say that I am going to lose weight before I buy new clothes. But I’m always buying the same size when need. But I love these boots and the color shown. They would go great with anything in my closet.

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