From fun to fashion, there's Inside Out merchandise to meet your emotions. - #InsideOutEvent


I’m one of those people who isn’t afraid to let people know what I am passionate about. I own shirts indicative of the latest movie, have plush dolls sitting around that I won’t let the kids play with because they are mine, wear jewelry with cartoon characters represented and I even go a little nuts when I see characters in person.

All normal people hug life-sized animated characters, right? - #InsideOutEvent

That’s normal, right? Everyone acts like a kid when they are given the opportunity. Given the choice between something average and something fun, it’s normal to want to pick the fun one.

Pretzel Crisps gives new meaning to the phrase "Emotional Snacking"  - #InsideOutEvent

Take, for example, a bag of Doritos, cereal or fruit snacks. Would you pick the plain bag/box or one featuring Avengers? Me too. I always pick the non-boring one. When the package has a movie that I’m already fascinated with then the decision is even easier. When I saw this bag of Pretzel Crisps featuring the characters from Inside Out, I giggled. It gives new meaning to the phrase “emotional snacking.”

From fun to fashion, there is Inside Out merchandise to meet your emotions. - #InsideOutEvent

Of course, with every hit movie, there’s bound to be a lot of merchandise available for fans of all ages. There are the traditional plush dolls and action figures, costumes and clothing options, foods and more. Having already screened Inside Out (which opens this weekend in theaters everywhere) I know there will be people beating down Disney’s door to allow these lovable characters to appear on their packages. There are even cleaning supplies to make housework more enJOYable.

Make cleaning more enJOYable! - #InsideOutEvent  It's okay to be emotional before your first cup of coffee. Show your emotions with an Inside Out mug. - #InsideOutEventFind your favorite emotion or imaginary friend as a POP! figure. - #InsideOutEvent

I think what is most interesting is that these characters can appeal to such a variety of people and at a variety of times. At first, my favorite was Anger; he’s hilarious. And spot on. I wanted a whole bunch of Anger merchandise. The square mug totally cracked me up! Then I watched the movie and fell in love with Sadness. I want a plush of her to cuddle when I’m feeling blue. Joy is a natural. Everyone loves bubbly, positive and happy… most of the time. Disgust and Fear have total personalities of their own, too. Fear was my traveling partner on the airplane. I found it quite appropriate considering we were flying through storms. The flight attendants all loved him. He stayed buckled in and never complained.

Going, going, gone! Inside Out Tsum Tsum collection is tough to find. They're SOOO cute! - #InsideOutEvent

While attending the Inside Out premiere, we had the opportunity to see first hand some of the new merchandise that is available or soon to be released. Here’s a heads up: If you see something you like on the shelves that you *think* you might want, grab it. This stuff is going to sell out or in some cases, already HAS sold out. As an example, the Tsum Tsum Collection has already made the shelves at Disney stores. Someone in my family (cough, me, cough) may or may not have summoned her inner Anger upon discovering that the Inside Out Tsum Tsum Collection were sold out. They’re seriously adorable AND they don’t take up a lot of room should someone want to display them on her desk. It’s the one thing I would say I was buying for the kids but really knew I was getting for myself. I’m sad. Guess I’ll have to keep my eye open for them to show up at stores. I won’t hesitate to grab them when (if) I find them!

These are just a few of the Inside Out UGG footwear that will soon be available. - #InsideOutEvent  Wear your emotions on your feet with the Inside Out UGG footwear collection that will soon be available. - #InsideOutEvent

I’ve seen some pretty cool licensed products, but this is the first time I’ve seen a Disney Pixar film license UGG footwear. My shoe-fanatic of a daughter is going to want one of each. Each pair of shoes depicts an emotion. Which pair are you most likely to wear to school, work, a sporting event or a night out? Me? Depends on my mood, duh.

Of course, we can’t forget about the play things, right? There is a lot of fun Inside Out merchandise that the kids will love including plush toys, action figures, playsets and board games. Add journals and scented pens, headphones and even bedding sets to the list of things for engulfing yourself in emotion! Big kids (aka adults) shouldn’t be discouraged. The Inside Out merchandise available for adults includes clothing, hats, iPhone cases, mugs and tote bags.

So let yourself go on an emotional shopping spree and take some Joy in what you find. What Inside Out merchandise are you most excited about?

26 thoughts on “An Emotional Shopping Spree

    1. I’m an emotional snacker also, Jessy. And a bored snacker. And a tired snacker. And an anxious snacker. Okay… I just like to snack. 🙂 Can’t wait to hear what you think of the movie.

  1. I forwarded the link to the tsum tsums at the Disney Store to my husband to order online when they were released. By the time he got home from work that same day, they were gone. I won’t make that mistake again!

    1. I was headed on the media trip for the premiere and new I would have a chance to shop at the Disney store. I had NO idea they would sell out so I didn’t even bother to try ordering online. At least your mistake was sooner than my realization, Crystal. LOL

  2. indknt know who’s more excited to see this movie, my daughter or myself 😉 looks so cute! Glad that the merchant is cute 🙂

  3. This movie seriously looks so cute! I’ve started seeing some of the merchandise in stores and I love it 🙂

    1. I agree, Danielle. I love that the merchandise is a mixture of stuff for kids and adults. For most movies, it’s a lot of toys then just a few t-shirts. This one has a lot of variety.

  4. These are all so emotional!! I don’t know what one I love the most? I guess I am a little bit of them all, and I will have to pick up something of each, they are so cool!

  5. I’m excited about watching the movie! I still haven’t watched it and I hear it’s great. Sooo movie first, merchandise second. 😀 Preferably something yummy & fun.

  6. I definitely treat myself to merchandise when I want it, that’s a fact jack. I think the little pop figures are really cute. I would want to collect them all.

  7. After seeing the movie, I am sure my daughter will be requesting Inside Out Uggs! She’s a character freak and an Ugg fan. Combine the two, and she’s all over it!

  8. Ha I love that I’m not the only parent who has stuffed animals designated as my own. 🙂
    I’m currently looking for an Olaf, hahaha

    I’d like to see Inside Out.

  9. I bet these are really popular products. This looks like a fantastic movie. I am excited to go and see it with my friend and her little girls this weekend.

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