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I hate stereotypes. As someone with two older brothers and a family in the construction industry, proving that I knew my stuff in male-dominated environments had become the norm. My brothers were both wrestlers so I knew more about the sport than most people, including scoring matches during meets and tournaments. As I got older, I continued to find myself in activities and industries not common for women. I participated in Fantasy Football in its infancy, way back when CompuServe was one of the only places to be online. It worked out well since I was buying, trading and selling sports cards and memorabilia. Once again, a male-dominated hobby but I knew my stuff. In the business world, things were no different. I worked in the construction industry as well as in the engineering department for a pharmaceutical manufacturer, expecting those men to treat me as a coworker and never an inferior. Now that I have girls of my own, I don’t let barriers hold them back either. I encourage them to pursue things that interest them whether it be something like Lego Robotics, video games or superheroes.

During C2E2, Stan Lee gave a teaser about his cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy. -

And let me tell you that when it comes to our heroes, we’re pretty pathetic. Like we schedule things AROUND movies and TV shows because we love them so much. As I’ve said before, we’re fanatical about Marvel to the extent that we attended C2E2 last year just so we could see Stan Lee in person and listen to his stories first hand. We watch all the shows and movies in the order of their story lines and we’re anxiously awaiting the next big release, MARVEL’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

It’s going to be amazing because the story is awesome and the cast is even awesome-r. Despite the fact that superheroes are targeted toward individuals carrying the Y chromosome, GIRLS can watch it too! My girls know the characters and back stories inside and out. I’m wondering when the people who do the merchandising for the movies are going to figure that out because it certainly isn’t reflected on the shelves at the store.

We're outfitted and ready for Age of Ultron! - #Avengers #AvengersUnite

During a trip to Walmart the other day and were looking for outfits for the girls because they’re growing like weeds! We thought we would grab some new T-Shirts for them in preparation for MARVEL’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron release. Unfortunately, we only found ONE Captain America shirt in the girls section. If we wanted anything else relating to superheroes, we needed to go to the boys’ section. Unfortunately, the sizing and cuts aren’t nearly as ideal for a girl’s build. As luck would have it, the one shirt we did find was a super cute Captain America one and we found a pair of pants to match.  Yes, girls can like The Avengers AND look cute in the process.

Marvel Avengers characters are key to this Dice Masters game. - SahmReviews.comMarvel characters are key to the Dice Masters game. -  Be sure to select the right Avengers super hero if you want to win Dice Masters game! -
You know what else? Girls can play with superhero toys and games, too. Move over Ken, Captain America is moving into the dream house. One of our recent favorites is Dice Masters. Not only is it a fun game but it incorporates our passion for the Avengers. The heroes are represented by dice and are used to attack and defend from the opponent. Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow and more. Girls can like The Avengers AND play games about them.

Pick up specially marked Avengers Age of Ultron Cheez-its at Walmart. -

Of course, while I was looking at Avengers stuff at Walmart, I had to pick up some snacks. There’s an augmented reality app available at iTunes and Google Play that activates when scanned on the Avenger’s displays. Super Heroes Assemble wasn’t available when I headed to the store, but I’ll be going back to see what it does. After all, it’s The Avengers!

Grab some Avengers fruit snacks, Doritos, Dr. Pepper or Cheez-its! -  Grab some Avengers fruit snacks, Doritos, Dr. Pepper or Cheez-its! - SahmReviews.comThese Avengers are positively tasty! -
Miss K needed snacks for robotics since it takes place right after school. We couldn’t resist grabbing Kellogg’s Fruit Snacks, Cheez-Its and Doritos licensed for the movie. We also purchased some Dr. Pepper with Thor on it but that was for me. Miss K giggled when we opened the box of fruit snacks. The snacks are shaped like the icon of the various heroes, just like the dice in our game. Marvel brings out the fun side in all of us. Girls can eat Marvel snacks and be silly in the process.

Even though the movies aren’t targeted at our girls, we break through the stereotypes and gender barriers and enjoy them because that’s what my hero girls do. We’ll be at MARVEL’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron on opening weekend sporting our geek pride. Whether you are a fan or not, be sure to check out this awesome promotion! (Update: The client was handling the giveaway directly and has continued to change the start date. They have not provided any details as to what the holdup is. We’re awaiting a response as to the current status.)

MARVEL’s Avengers: Age of Ultron Sweeps – $4,500 Prize ValueWho is your favorite superhero?

42 thoughts on “A Date With The Avengers

  1. We don’t get out very often because of having little ones, but I’m so excited to see this movie. If we’re lucky we’ll find a sitter and get to go!

  2. Oh my gosh, that’s an awesome giveaway!!! I can’t wait! We love superheros, too. My daughter (3, next week) has POP figures of Superman and Joker, and plays with them all the time, right alongside her herd of My Little Pony figures, and she’s asked for Spiderman.

    1. I understand your concern but there aren’t any flags. Our client started the giveaway but had glitches with the AvengersUnite site so they closed entries while they worked to fix it. It will relaunch when they get the errors straightened out.

  3. So your official rules (terms and conditions) claim this sweepstakes began on April 17th. However, your entry form said it wasn’t open to entries. As of yesterday morning (April 29), the countdown was down to just hours before being open to entries. And now this morning (April 30), it says it doesn’t begin for yet another 7 days. For a sweepstakes that supposedly began 13 days ago, it’s quite clear no one is minding the store.

  4. You are so right about the merchandising dept. needing a wake up call. Anyone who has gone to a comic book convention should know that there are just as many women and girls interested in comics as there are boys. We had the same problem finding clothes for our daughter when she was growing up. All the shirts were made for boys. Over the years we have only found two places to find clothing for girls. Check out Hot Topic and Her Universe online. You can find a big selection of comic tees designed for girls and women at these places.

  5. This should have been open on 5/6/15 but I see it’s been pushed back to 5/21 or so. What gives?

  6. when is this sweeps going to open. they keep changing the opening time. I would like to enter because my grandkids would just love everything.

  7. why does it keep changing?? ive checked 3 diff times & every time it says it hasnt started yet & new date changed! WTF

  8. “live again soon” lol ive checked this page every day for weeks! the movie has been out, why would they run sweeps month after movie was released! idk whats up but really sucks nobody even updates this page

  9. Didn’t the comp only go live today, how is it already over. Disappointed I missed on the chance to enter

    1. We’re awaiting details from Disney/Marvel. This has been just as frustrating for us with their lack of communication and we can offer nothing but apologies. Hopefully you’ll take advantage of our other great giveaways. Again, our apologies.

  10. Would I have to win the gift basket of marvel goodies for my niece. Congratulations to whomever was lucky enough to entre and win.

    1. We’re awaiting details from Disney/Marvel. This has been just as frustrating for us with their lack of communication and we can offer nothing but apologies. Hopefully you’ll take advantage of our other great giveaways. Again, our apologies.

  11. ENDED?? it never started!! whats the heck? thanks for wasting my time, i checked in every day watching the date changed & now that today is the “updated” start date, now its ended??

  12. How could it have ended. It just said it started. Did April Fool’s day come again and I didn’t know about it?

  13. Well, I had saved the link because it said it hadn’t started yet, and then I come back the next day and it’s over?

    1. Stephanie (and anyone else waiting on this contest) –

      We have decided to leave the form up so everyone can still have access to the Terms & Conditions, which has the contest information along with contact addresses for the company behind the contest. We too are not happy with the lack of communication and the decision to suspend the giveaway.

      The contest was open for an hour or so before they noticed some typos in the graphic image, which they fixed right away. Why it didn’t start back up is beyond us. As we originally mentioned, this is a Disney/Marvel/Collective Bias promotion, and maybe you’ll have more luck contacting them than we did.

      We at sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you have suffered. In our 7+ year history, this is the first time this has happened. Please continue to trust that the contest we offer are 100% legitimate and every single winner has received their prizes.

      In the case of this contest, no winners have been picked yet, nor do we expect them to be. So no one missed out. Maybe they’ll try again once they get their ducks in a row – who knows.

      There is still almost a week left on our other BIG giveaway from Eureka vacuums for Walmart gift cards and their newest vacuum – hopefully you’ll give that one a try!

      Warmest Regards,

  14. I googled the sponsor and filled out a contact form on their website.. have not heard back from them yet, but I did send the info just prior to the holiday weekend, so I am still hoping there is a response coming.

    SPONSOR: Collective Bias, Inc. whose address is 1750 S. Osage Springs Dr, Ste 100, Rogers, AR 72758.

  15. I sent the following message to them today: “I know I speak for other users on when I say that your failure to honor your commitment of launching the MARVEL #AvengersUnite Sweepstakes without explanation leaves us disappointed and questioning the legitimacy of your company. An explanation to Sahmreviews to pass along to its users would be appreciated. Honoring your commitment would be even better! Thanks”

  16. Now the contest has ended without even starting? I have a horrible feeling about this whole thing.

  17. Wow, I had this bookmarked for over a month and would check back sporadically hoping it would eventually open. The sponsor really dropped the ball with this one. Too bad, would have loved a shot at any of these prizes. 🙁

  18. # of entries went down after it closed!! Does that mean they are going to draw a winner from the few who were lucky to get in on the drawing??

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