Scribblenauts Remix: Ridiculously Fun App

Scribblenauts is a game that requires thought and creativity. -

Screentime is an issue at our house (like yours too, right?).

As in, we set timers and our kids (one boy, three girls, ages 10 through 6) get no more than 30 minutes of video games a day. That includes educational games, though on snow days and weekends I am more flexible.

So to say my kids are discriminating when it comes to their video game time… well, that is an understatement.

We have three or four go-to games in our house. One is Minecraft (natch). More on that in another post.

Scribblenauts Remix is an educational app disguised as an adventure game! -

But one game that my older kids (who love to read) can’t get enough of is Scribblenauts. This is an iPad-friendly game that is ad-free (and also short-skirt, hot-skinny-Monster-chick-free).

It’s also learning + fun that has sucked my kids in.

Who Doesn’t Love Puzzles + Adventure?

The Scribblenauts was originally designed for the Nintendo DS, and its is described as a cross between “solving life situation puzzles alongside Madlibs”. A player ascends through levels by achieving “Starlites.”

Scribblenauts Remix is a game that encourages creativity (and spelling!) during the adventure. -

She achieves these by “summoning any object (from a database of tens of thousands) by writing its name on the touchscreen.”

Does your character need to physically go up? Type “ladder” and it appears. Or maybe “trampoline” will work better in this instance? Type, bounce and see if that takes you where you want to go.

Do you need to cross some water? “Rowboat” seems simple enough. Or why not try “pogo stick” and see what happens? Mr. I likes to use helicopters and sledgehammers whenever he gets the chance.

Scribblenauts Remix is an educational app disguised as an adventure game! -  Scribblenauts Remix is an educational app disguised as an adventure game! - SahmReviews.comScribblenauts Remix is an educational app disguised as an adventure game! - SahmReviews.comThe game really plays into the kids’ imaginations… the more creative they are, the more fun it is.

It’s Not just for iPad!

Now, the makers have partnered with DC Comics, and a new version of the game is  available for Nintendo’s 3DS and our beloved family fun machine, the WiiU, in the form of Scribblenauts Unmasked. If you have an awesome town library like ours, you can check it out for free there.

Scribblenauts Remix for iPad is $.99 with in-app purchases. It’s also compatible with the iPhone and iTouch.

The games are rated 9+ for “Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence”, but nothing I saw was really troublesome for kids of any age.

Really, the age restriction is more about ability: It’s for kids who can spell, so ages 7 and up is about right.

It’s also fun to play with friends, brainstorming on different ways to solve the puzzles. So if the kids are dying to stare at the iPad during a playdate, this is a good game to suggest they enjoy and work on together.

But be careful… It has been known to suck in kids of ALL AGES.

12 thoughts on “Scribblenauts Remix: Ridiculously Fun App

  1. This looks like a fun app. I’m always on the hunt for engaging apps my kids will like that have an educational component, as well.

  2. I really love the sound of this game. I like that they are using problem solving skills and typing in the name for the objects needed. I’ve been searching for some new games for my grandchildren and I bet they haven’t heard of this one yet so will check it out.

  3. My kids like Scribblenauts too. 🙂 We limit their time to an hour. They can do it all at once or break it up into smaller chunks. It’s something they’re so used to now that they just monitor and adhere to the time on their own.

  4. I had not heard of Scribblenauts, so appreciated you introducing me to the app. I can see why you have to limit time on apps or the kids would be on all day! These interactive apps are great. My oldest grandson is just five, and it is amazing how adjusted he is to playing with apps on the ipod. A WiiU version would be great fun!

  5. I’m amazed at the number of electronic gadgets and apps that are available these days. When I think about my own childhood… well, that was WAY too many years ago! But even when I was raising my kids in the 80s and 90s, I don’t recall having anything like this. Now, as someone earning a doctorate in educational technology and e-learning, I find apps fascinating!

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