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Raise your hand if you are a parent and you’re proudly raising geeks. I know I’m not the only one. Know how I know? Because we attended the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo a few months back and we were far from the only family there. The highlight for all of us was hearing Stan Lee speak. After watching Heroes of CosPlay and absorbing every superhero movie we could, it was pretty apparent that, as a family, we had embraced our inner nerd.

We’re excited that tomorrow is the start of the next season of Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. While we normally dread the eventual mid-season break, this time we’ll be looking forward to it because they will be airing Agent Carter. The new show is based on the character from Avengers and most recently seen in Captain America: The Winter Soldier which just released on DVD. Have no idea who I’m talking about? Then I encourage you to catch up on the movies. You can print a coupon for $5 off Captain America: The Winter Soldier DVD when you purchase 2 packages of M&Ms. You know why you need the M&Ms? Because, duh, they are yummy. Oh, and because Heroes Eat M&Ms. We had no problem finding our key muffin ingredient, Peanut Butter M&Ms, at our local Walmart.

I'll take that one and that one and...  - SahmReviews.com #HeroesEatMMs

Everywhere we turn, we find Marvel. In the toy aisle, on displays, seasonally in the Halloween department and now even in the bakery department! This past weekend, there were mini cupcakes available as well as Marvel coloring pages for the kids. We flipped through the bakery special order book and found a lot of superheroes to choose from, including Captain America.

All kinds of action figures on display at Walmart. -  - SahmReviews.com #HeroesEatMMs  Bring your favorite hero to your next birthday party with options from the bakery department at Walmart. - SahmReviews.com #HeroesEatMMs
You know that coupon I mentioned? When you’re done printing it, swing by the #HeroesEatMMs website. If you have a few minutes, be sure to check out the fun content. There are two quizzes – one to find out what kind of M&M you are and the other to discover which superhero you are. Me? I’m a green M&M and Spiderman according the quiz. In reality, I’m peanut butter M&Ms (because that’s what I eat most) and the superhero I really am is mom. That’s right. Mom is the biggest superhero of all. Think about it. How many other people are able to multitask so many necessary things without missing a beat? Cooking, cleaning, helping with homework, changing diapers, paying bills, juggling schedules, groceries, activities for every member of the family and so much more.

Our Superhero Mom PB M&M Muffins were partially inspired by school fundraiser "Muffins with Mom" - SahmReviews.com #HeroesEatMMs

When #CollectiveBias challenged me to create a recipe inspired by a superhero, I decided that “Mom” was the superhero that inspired me most. Last Friday was our school’s annual “Mornings with Mom” fundraiser which until a year ago had always been referred to as “Muffins with Mom.” It’s a morning set aside before school where kids celebrate their moms. The 6th grade orchestra plays while 6th grade students help take tickets, serve food and bus tables. The muffins they had been purchasing were huge and a lot went to waste so they opted to switch to donuts. Sure, I like donuts but I miss the muffins. Maybe I’m just nostalgic for when my girls were first starting school and we attended our first “Muffins with Mom” breakfast.

Since peanut butter M&Ms are my favorite, I decided to create a “Superhero Mom PB M&M Muffin” recipe. But I feel a little guilty naming it after myself so here it is:

Ultimate M&Ms Peanut Butter Muffins

1¼ cups all-purpose flour
2/3 cup rolled oats
¾ cup brown sugar
1 tbsp baking powder
1 tsp vanilla
½ tsp salt
1¼ cups milk
1/3 cup peanut butter
1 egg
1 bag Peanut Butter M&Ms

Preheat your oven to 375°.

First the dry ingredients go into our PB M&M Muffin Recipe. - SahmReviews.com #HeroesEatMMs  Mix the dry ingredients for the PB M&M Muffin Recipe. - SahmReviews.com #HeroesEatMMsCombine the wet and dry ingredients for the PB M&M Muffin Recipe. - SahmReviews.com #HeroesEatMMs
In a bowl, mix flour, oats, brown sugar, baking powder and salt. In a separate bowl, beat the milk, peanut butter, vanilla and egg. It’s best not to over-beat muffin batter so use a wooden spoon. The peanut butter won’t combine right away, you’ll want to work it a little bit until it becomes more liquid.

Add the liquid mixture to the bowl of dry ingredients. Mix well.

Pour the peanut butter oatmeal  mixture into the muffin pans. Don't worry. M&Ms are still to come!  - SahmReviews.com #HeroesEatMMs  Can't forget our key ingredient - peanut butter M&Ms! - SahmReviews.com #HeroesEatMMs
Spoon the batter in 12 muffin cups. Bake for 6 minutes then add 6 Peanut Butter M&Ms to each muffin. I know, it’s tempting to add more but too many and it keeps the muffins from holding together right. Poke the M&Ms lightly into the batter. For a few in this batch, I decided to only add red and blue M&Ms to commemorate Captain America and the release of the new DVD.

M&Ms for breakfast? Yes! Check out our PB M&M Muffin recipe. - SahmReviews.com #HeroesEatMMs

Cook another 12-15 minutes or until the a cake tester comes out clean. I used a silicone muffin pan and needed to cook it a little extra. The first batch came out more the consistency of bread pudding. It was yummy but not the final result I was looking for.

There are definitely days where I struggle to juggle it all but my family still makes me feel like a superhero. Maybe that’s why I like all the Marvel shows so much!

Breakfast just got better with PB M&M Muffins - SahmReviews.com #HeroesEatMMs

To learn what Marvel super hero you are and to find more hero-inspired recipes, visit HeroesEatMMs.

Which hero are you?

95 thoughts on “Ultimate M&M Peanut Butter Muffins

  1. These look so good! I know my kids would love to not only eat them but also help make them. Walmart has a great selection and I like all of the things you can get there in one stop. Thanks for sharing!

  2. M&M cookies have always been one of my favorites but I’ve never even thought about doing a muffin version. Now I’m inspired to get in the kitchen and whip up a batch. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Okay, you had me at peanut butter and knocked me over with M&Ms. OMG this sounds and looks delicious! WTG mom! Can’t wait to try ’em!

  4. Muffins are always healthy. Peanut butter is full of protein. I’m convinced this muffins are total health food now! I could totally go for this kind of eating. 🙂 #client

  5. OH WOW. I am definitely going to try this one … but I may do it in the microwave in my Tupperware Stack Cooker … and then have another recipe to have for a vendor fair to help support a preschool ….

    Thanks for this one.

  6. These muffins looks GREAT! PB M&Ms are my favorite. I would definitely have to buy the big bag because I’m afraid I would snack on too many while making them! 🙂

  7. Oh my this recipe looks fantastic, my favorite M&M’s too is the peanut butter ones. I have a sweet tooth for some now. My kids would love these as well!

  8. I love Muffins and I have never thought about making muffins with M&M’s. These sound very delcious and easy to make. I am always making muffins and I would love to try something different. Thanks for an awesome reicpe!!

  9. Totally agree that meeting Stan Lee and hearing him speak would be a huge highlight! I love the recipe for the peanut butter M&M muffins – gotta try these out on my hubby. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomache right?

    1. Oh, Liza, they ARE good. We haven’t made them lately but that’s mostly because M&Ms (especially PB M&Ms) get eaten before they make it into any baked goods. LOL Please tell me we’re not the only household with that problem.

  10. What do these muffins taste like? Do they taste like the candy or do you get a true pb chocolate taste? I love the peanut butter and chocolate combo in desserts or beverages. I love pb m&ms as well.

  11. I don’t consider myself as any kind of super hero! God should be everyone’s hero!
    This recipe sounds delicious!!
    I will have to make this delicious muffins when there is another grandkids sleepover. I know they’ll be back for more! Yummy!!

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