Toss the Scissors – Clip Coupons No More!

Ditch the scissors and use paperless coupons at Walgreens! -


When we go to restaurants, I usually order water. That is partially because it is healthier than pop. However, it is mostly because I can’t stand paying $4 for something that costs around a dollar for two liters at the grocery store. That’s just one example of where I choose to save money. We shop at thrift stores and find awesome games and clothes. I clip coupons to save money at the store. Even decisions I make regarding travel are focused around spending as little as possible. DH says sometimes I’m too cheap for my own good. Sometimes I am. I miss out on awesome opportunities to connect at conferences because the costs of getting there from Iowa just seem too high.

Then there are the times that I’m not frugal enough. I pride myself in clipping coupons and making good choices at the store. I’ve gone through phases where I try to find every coupon possible. I trade with friends and neighbors and even print coupons online. Unfortunately, I forget to grab them and end up paying full price for something. I don’t pride myself in that. Other times, I plan my list around an advertisement that shows “less $x coupon savings in most Sunday papers” but am disappointed to discover that our newspaper insert doesn’t include it. That’s one of the things that I miss about living in a big city… Decent coupons. It isn’t that we have coupons of less value, it’s that we don’t GET all the coupons. We get dumbed down coupon inserts that contain 90% ads for slippers, figurines and checks. It’s frustrating. (Sorry, got a bit off on a rant there.) The point I was trying to make is that even if I do find coupons to clip, I often forget them at home.

Ha! Now I have the solution! Paperless coupons at Walgreens.

Try paperless coupons with the Walgreens app! - #WalgreensPaperless

I ALWAYS have my phone with me so now instead of packing an envelope of coupons in my purse, I just have to grab my phone. The Walgreens app has the same coupons offered in those newspaper inserts as well as coupons in the Walgreens ads. It’s easy, too. You click to clip and it goes into a “clipped coupons” folder. They’re manufacturer coupons so they take the place of the ones you otherwise would be toting with you. Just like with regular coupons, you need to “give” them to the cashier. They are digital so you’re probably asking. “If I didn’t clip them, how do I give them to the cashier?” I’m so glad you asked! When you check out, the cashier scans the barcode on your app and it automatically deducts those coupons from your total. Cha-ching… just like that.

Click to clip! With the Walgreens app, it's THAT easy to cut coupons! - #WalgreensPaperless

Let me give you some specific examples. I was looking through this weekend’s coupons and circulars. CoverGirl mascara is $6.99 with your Walgreens card. There is a $3 coupon in the paper but the same coupon is available paperless in the Walgreens app. Take your pick on which you want to use – paper or paperless!

No need to clip coupons... they're in the Walgreens app! - #WalgreensPaperless

There are also circular coupons in addition to manufacturer coupons. You can skip the clipping there, too. In this example, you can see that through 8/30, you get 50 points for every $1 you spend on personal and beauty care products. That coupon can also be located either in the Walgreens circular or on the app.

Forget your coupons at home? Not if you have the app! - #WalgreensPaperless

During my most recent trip to Walgreens I decided to put it to the test. I had my coupons in the car just in case but was relying on my app. I was able to pick up laundry detergent dish soap and some beauty products and I saved over five dollars in just a few items.

No need to clip coupons... they're in the Walgreens app! - #WalgreensPaperless

My preference is to use a coupon in conjunction with the sale but the convenience of having the coupons with me all the time is pretty great. I mean, think about the last time you went on a trip. I’m guessing you probably forgot something like toothpaste or a razor. Maybe you forgot your sunscreen or you got a run in your nylons. Chances are you didn’t have coupons with you and you ended up paying full price to replace the forgotten item. With the Walgreens app and paperless coupons you don’t have a problem anymore.

One of the nicest features about the app is that you don’t have to spend a bunch of time clipping coupons. You could be spending that time doing something else like relaxing in your yard, working in your garden or playing with your kids.

No matter how you look at it you can save some cash without wasting time clipping coupons, forgetting them at home or simply not having access to them.

Downloading the app is free on both iOS and Android. How will you spend the time you save?

9 thoughts on “Toss the Scissors – Clip Coupons No More!

  1. Thanks, Nicole 🙂 The wonders of modern technology! But, the problem is … what are all those “coupon clippers” going to do with all the time they now have on their hands? The app takes all the fun out of collecting coupons and the efforts we go to to save money … HUGS <3

  2. Hi Nicole,

    Great post. Many times I have had the clerks ask me if I had their app on my phone and I had to say “no” and then forget it as soon as I walk out of the store. I’m going to check on some apps right now.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a great day. Monna

  3. I don’t have that kind of phone. I do, however take advantage of whenever I can download savings, coupons onto to CVS card or Walgreens card. I do not clip coupons-I leave that to my Mom who always (well almost always) remembers them! I on the other hand–never remember that I have one. This would make life a whole lot easier and save money at the same time.

  4. I always prefer cards to save money on my shopping trip. But, finding the coupons become a big task for me and it kills much time. One day, my mom gave a list of coupon websites for me.

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