Squeezing a Little More into the Cabinets


I’m betting that your spice cabinet looks a little something like mine above. Various sizes of containers, all related to how much you use of a particular spice. Black pepper? The jumbo size from Sam’s club. White pepper? A 99cent tiny shaker from Walmart. No matter how you stack them some always get lost in the back of the cabinet.

I realized I needed a better solution the other day when searching for celery seed to add to my Corn Dog Sushi recipe. I was using it on the outside of the roll to simulate the sesame seeds you might see in traditional sushi rolls. I must have emptied 70% of the shelves before I located it. This is typical when it is a rarely-used spice; I don’t have that same issue when looking for garlic salt!

Coincidentally I was offered the opportunity of trying out an inexpensive spice “clip strip” from Bellemain. The idea is pretty straightforward, it is a strip of plastic gripper ‘hooks’ that grab the spice bottles and suspends them anywhere you stick the clip.

Bellemain Spice Clips - ProductThe package comes with three strips of 4 clips which can be cut into individual clips if necessary. For my application I elected to leave them in sets of four. Installation is a breeze. You simply remove the tape backing, make sure you are level (and in my case planning ahead so the spice bottles don’t hit the shelving when the door is closed) and press it to apply.

Bellemain Spice Clips - Checking LevelThe clips accommodate various sizes of bottles and the adhesive feels like it will hold a bit of weight:  more than enough for a couple spices.

Who knew a few spice clips could make such a difference?! - SahmReviews.com.

By putting the rarely-used varieties on the door (thus the smaller ones), this cleared up plenty of space to rearrange the rest of the cabinet. No longer do I have to stack the spices, they are all easily attainable.

From chaos to organized with just a few Bellemain Spice Clips! - SahmReviews.com

I should note that I do have a concern about the longevity of the plastic. Being from the plastics industry I do know that over time they will yellow and get brittle. I didn’t notice any markings signifying which type of plastic was used, but since the prongs are under constant stress holding up the bottles, this may be an issue over the next few years. But for the price I guess I can’t complain!

Are you the type that saves old spice bottles to put nuts & bolts in? This rack would work well in the garage also. Just be sure to use the included screws to better attach it to the wall to handle the additional weight.

48 thoughts on “Squeezing a Little More into the Cabinets

  1. Awesome idea! This reminds me that my grandparents used to have a spice rack on the inside of their cupboard, I don’t know why I haven’t remembered that until now! You have saved me from my spice cupboard troubles, thank you 🙂

  2. My pantry is in major need of a rehaul. I love the simplicity of this. I especially love that you can easily see everything.

  3. That’s a nifty product. I have the same issues with small jars of spices getting lost in the back of my cabinet. Maybe I will grab one of these – I am just afraid the cabinet wouldn’t shut with them on the inside of the door.

  4. We just moved and the only house that was available that would allow our pets is less than half the size of the one we moved from. I currently have spices setting on my counter and in the cabinet, I love to cook so I have tones of spices. I will be on the hunt for these as it is a great solution for my problem.

  5. I’m convinced that my spice cabinets have demonic gremlins living inside them. I’m serious. I love what you’ve done here, I might have to give it a whirl myself!

  6. I love these. I have a pantry cabinet that these would fit very nicely on the door and I would have no problem closing. What a great idea.

  7. I need to get this! I have recently been on a kick to organize everything and one thing that has been daunting was my spice cabinet. I love this idea and I want to TRULY thank you for sharing this!

  8. I think it’s a valid concern about the plastic, but at that price, replacing it when needed should be easy, and well worth it too. I love this idea!

  9. Great idea! Useful and it looks good! I have been working on reorganizing our kitchen cabinets so this will be perfect! And I bet they would hold up all of our bottles of craft paint too!

  10. Scott! I NEEDED this today so badly! I just spent 15 minutes last night searching through a cabinet for a spice. I have a lazy susan in there and then three cluttered shelves of mess. I am going to try to do this!

  11. Love this idea, I just tossed like 10 jars of spices and herbs that were buried in our cabinet. I love that these are displayed right in front and the little bottles won’t get lost!

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