For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a problem with frizzy hair. While I wish I could attribute it to coloring my hair, I can’t. It has been a problem going back much further than that.

When I was younger and had disposable income and no commitments, I purchased salon products, specifically leave-in conditioner. It did the trick so I’ve utilized that strategy in some form or another ever since.

For the past several years, I have colored my hair at home and had my husband trim the split ends for me. He has always encouraged me to have it done professionally and last Christmas gave me a gift certificate for a salon so I could no longer dodge it. At the salon, I discussed my issues and my hair care professional told me that the best treatment for hair in general is to NOT wash it every day. Since you’re washing less often, you can use that “savings” to purchase higher quality hair care products. For my hair, she recommended an Argan Oil that I apply daily as a leave-in while washing as needed. That has worked really well.

I recently received a set of Perfectly Pure Coconut Oil products to try out. My tween girls have been having hair issues like I always did so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to have them try something a little more upscale from what they typically use. Since they’re starting to be more concerned with their appearance, making sure they have the products and tools that are effective is very important. Coconut shampoo, conditioner and body wash would go over well with them so I decided that was how we would use them.

However, I wouldn’t give anything to the kids without testing it myself. Perfectly Pure has Argan Oil products also so I thought it would be great to check the quality of their products by using the Coconut Oil ones first.

Perfectly Pure Wavy Hair

It’s a bittersweet victory of sorts. I loved the Perfectly Pure Coconut products and they made my hair look fabulous. No frizz. No weight. And as a bonus, it didn’t wear off by midday which happens when the weather is nasty out.

Unfortunately (for me), I promised it to the kids. They both loved the products also and have claimed them for their own shower. Since using them, their hair has looked a lot nicer and more manageable, also.

While the scent straight from the bottle is very subdued, when applied, it is much more aromatic and smells wonderful. I’ve borrowed the bottles a few times from their shower just to get the full coconut effect for the day. (And the last time I borrowed it, I opted to keep the coconut oil for myself!)

These products are great and I’m thrilled that I get to give away the same set I received: the Perfectly Pure Coconut Oil Complete Set valued at $64! Entry is easy, but if you win, make sure you don’t promise it to your teens or tweens! You’ll regret it!

For more information, visit the Perfectly Pure Facebook page or check out the Perfectly Pure Pinterest Board.

16 thoughts on “From Frizz to Perfectly Fabulous

    1. Thanks, Emily. I absolutely love how this made my hair look… and hate that I told the tweens they could have it before I knew how much I loved it! LOL

  1. Oh it looks like it did such a GREAT job on your hair! I love the coconut smell and would love to try! I can only imagine how good it smells too!

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