Use creativity and Kool-Aid to paint these adorable bears! Inexpensive, easy and smell great! -


If there’s one thing that I’m not, it’s creative. My daughters have to rely on their dad to do things that are crafty and fun. When I was young, I crocheted, did embroidery, cross stitch and all those types of activities but I have never been the person to draw or do the types of projects you see on Pinterest. However, when I heard about a campaign with Kool-Aid and Big Time Rush, I decided I needed to harness whatever little creativity I did have so the girls and I could participate. Why? Because not only do my kids love Kool-Aid but they also love Big Time Rush. The chance to score Meet & Greet VIP passes for BTR by doing crafts stuff… that’s just cool. Oh yeah… and they recently saw some friends sporting Kool-Aid dyed hair and thought that was cool. I did some searching and found instructions for creating tie-dye projects using Kool-Aid. Sounded great. They have outgrown their tie-dyed shirts anyhow. Of course, DH had a better idea. Use some of the kids white stuffed animals and make them colorful. Like I said, he’s the creative one in the family. We headed to Walmart in search of the most colorful Kool-Aid packets so we could paint new life into their white bears. When we were ready to work on the project, I got everything all set out:

  • A protecting surface to work on (Visqueen, Vinyl Tablecloth, etc.)
  • Rags for wiping up spills. Don’t want our finished product soaking up dye in the wrong spot!
  • Bowls. One for each color, of course!
  • Paint brushes
  • Water because, well, you need it. Duh.
  • Vinegar to make the colors more vibrant
  • Kool-Aid colors of choice. As I explained in my shopping detail, you can tell the approximate color of the final product by looking at the pitcher of iced Kool-Aid that is displayed on the front of the packet.

I prepared the first bowl and the girls did the rest. Two packets of Kool-Aid, 2 ounces of water and a 1/2 tablespoon of vinegar. Stir well and go!

The girls had planned what they wanted to achieve. To ensure they knew what colors they would end up with, I painted samples of each color onto a rag for them to use as a color guide. Kool-aid provides an awesome color palate for painting. - Then they were off and running… It was a great way to engage their creativity (not to mention give them some electronic-free fun during the summer months!) First they painted designs on each, then decided to start filling in. They were aiming for a tie-dyed look with designs. The final product turned out great and just needed to dry. Use creativity and Kool-Aid to paint these adorable bears! Inexpensive, easy and smell great!  - In the meantime, I scanned my receipt into the Shoparoo app and scored a bonus code for discounted Big Time Rush tickets. The promotion showed up because we spent $6 on Kool-Aid products. When our bears dried, I snapped a few fun photos and shared the best one in the contest! It was very easy and the girls are just hoping they win! What kind of Kool Creation could you create using this inexpensive, familiar and awesomely scented beverage? We haven’t put them to the test for bleeding yet but we plan to do that. I put them in the dryer to help set the color. I’ll be sure to update when we find something out! Check out Walmart Summer Creations for your chance to win VIP passes to a Big Time Rush concert and download Shoparoo to get a discount on tickets. Of course, you can always get great information by following Walmart on Twitter and check out the scoop at #KoolAidBTRTour, too!

20 thoughts on “Colorful Creations using Kool-Aid

  1. Those turned out so cute, koolaid is good for so many craft activities, we use it to color our homemade play dough. I will have to check out the app, it is always nice to save a little extra money.

    1. The colors lasted quite a while, but we also didn’t play with them after coloring. They became keepsakes until the girls had completely outgrown them.

  2. What a fun and creative idea. We have made Kool-Aid playdo plenty of times but not tried anything like this.

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