It was a right of childhood – Taking the department store catalog and circling all the things you wanted. Checking out all the cool toys and figuring out which ones you really wanted. When I was growing up, there wasn’t this huge bombardment of TV commercials telling kids what to buy. Mainly because there were only three television networks and the only time with dedicated children’s programming was on Saturday morning during cartoons.

You know, because back then, Saturday morning was the only time cartoons were on.

Nowadays, it’s totally different. Not only do kids see endless commercials on TV but also as pop-ups in app games and of course, in the multitude of ads that come in the newspaper.

Each year, we try to get the kids to go through the ads and pick out some of the things they like but inevitably, they get mixed up, lost or they circle so much that we can’t make sense of any of it.

I was introduced to a website called Gift Birdy and I think it has the potential to make the wish list a little more manageable.

Not just for the kids’ items but also for things adults might want. With it, you can create a wish list and share it with family. Not just one list, but multiple lists. As an example, one for the grandparents, a different one for aunts and uncles.

The setup is extremely easy and selecting items is as simple as searching and clicking. Really, it is. They have pre-assigned categories to help narrow down the field as well as suggestions from Bailee Madison.

When I was messing around with the site while it was still in Beta, I felt like it was pretty easy to maneuver. If you’re able to search for a product on any other retailer site than you’ll be able to do it on Gift Birdy. Kids are able to search easily too since there are photos as well as categories. It’s like an endless digital version of the toy circular from the Sunday newspaper.  But don’t expect any help from pop-up advertisements of any kind because Gift Birdy it ad-free.

Once your list is done, all you have to do is email it to your Santa of choice. All year round! Parents can either mail out the child’s list or they can add predetermined emails to the contact section and the child can send out the email. Once the recipient receives the list, they can easily click on and purchase anything on the list all from the comfort of their own home – or wherever it is that they receive email!

It’s easy. Did I say that yet? Because… well… it’s easy. Oh, did I mention this service doesn’t cost anything. It’s totally free.

For more information about Gift Birdy, check out this cute video explaining what they do!

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