Now, if that didn’t get your attention…  Why the tacky attention-grabbing title?  Besides the obvious, there is a valid reason for their wonderful inclusion in my story.  Ever since I have had to begin screening movies before showing them to my children, I have found that for most movies today, the inclusion of any nudity is an instant PG13 rating.  And when a movie comes up that we consider watching as a family has that rating, a little more investigation is necessary.  In the interest of my family’s well-being, I’ll sacrifice myself and pre-screen to make sure the content is appropriate for our pre-teen kids.  It’s a thankless job, but somehow I manage.

Before anyone starts sending me hate emails about PG13 movies being only for kids 13 and older, just hold on.  We all know it is a ‘suggestion’ and many movies receive that rating for many other things (violence, death, drug references, etc.).  My wife and I have an understanding that movies that may have some level of violence would be fine for our girls as long as we knew what to expect ahead of time.  By this I mean things like aliens getting shot, cartoon characters exploding, minor cursing and the like.  My daughters have shown the maturity necessary when dealing with these scenes and thus we don’t immediately cross PG13 movies off our “Family Movie Night” routine.

This past summer my wife and I had the opportunity to see “The Amazing Spider-Man” while visiting family in Alabama.  We weren’t too sure if we would like this ‘reboot’ at all, but in the end we thoroughly enjoyed it.  I had been thinking about the previous series, having them on DVD, and wondering if the girls would like this superhero or not.  While watching this latest entry, I was making mental note of anything inappropriate since it did receive a PG13 rating, and as I suspected, other than some violence and minor cursing, there was only one real death scene and no nudity, sexual innuendo or anything else that would make us uncomfortable sharing with our kids.  So…let’s add it to our playlist!

Fast-forward to this week and I see a new app on my list of recommended apps on iTunes. This one is called “Web Slinger” and is FREE (and is also available on Google Play, if you swing that way)!  Get it?  Swing?  Spider-Man?  I digress…  In the app I notice mention of the upcoming Blu-ray/DVD release, the ability to pre-order and get a UV digital copy, and the ability to make my own comic book and add pages to it by scanning some POP materials in Walmart. You could also do battle on your phone in an augmented reality mini-game by scanning the DVD and a special MarketSide Pizza box!  I couldn’t get to Walmart fast enough!

Just my luck, my local stores don’t have any of the point-of-purchase displays set up, so it looks like I’m stuck with a one-page comic.  That’s ok, the world can’t handle any more of me in Spandex!

After picking up two of the specially-marked pizzas from the deli section, I decided to make this movie night a little more exciting.  A quick detour to the party supply section to get matching plates, cups and napkins and we now had everything for a great Spidey-night!  And another bonus – thanks to the included Ultra Violet copy of the movie, I could stream it in HD via my Vudu app on our XBox360!  I knew I didn’t spring for a Blu-ray player for a reason – they’re so 2010.

The only thing left to do is to find some time among the swim lessons, gymnastic lessons, religious education, orchestra, etc., etc. and actually sit down and watch the movie!  When it does happen, I know I am prepared.  Until then, I think I’ll play around with this app a little more!

If you’re a Spidey-fan like we are, be sure to visit their website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter! You can check out other Sony Pictures Home Entertainment movies, too!

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  1. LOL!! I, too, did a check for what the PG-13 was for so I could warn my guest ahead of time, since it was an all-ages party. Nothing fazes me but the last thing I wanted was something suggestive to pop up on our giant projector and scar all my guests for life…LOL!

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