A Dot Here, A Dot There, Glue Dots EVERYWHERE!


My brother and I have figured out where our skills lie.  I was blessed with English and Art skills, while Andrew was blessed with Math and Science skills.  I love to travel, Andrew is okay with staying near home.   We both love plays and musicals and participated in high school.  As we’ve gotten older it’s fun to discuss where our talents and similarities are.  As I enjoy spending time being creative, one of my favorite hobbies is Scrapbooking.

To be honest, I do not have much room to store crafty items in my house, so everything has to fit in a rolling cart with 7- 12″ x 12″ drawers, 3 plastic file totes, and 1 plastic medium tote.  While this makes travel easy with these containers, I have to really be on my game in keeping it all organized to easily and quickly locate items when I want to spend time creating some new pages.

My favorite part of scrapbooking is trying the new products that come out.  One of the products I hadn’t tried before is Glue Dots.  I was given 3 of the Dots to try out and create a few pages with; the removable Dot N’ Go, craft Dot N’ Go as well as the mini Glue Dots.  The removable and craft are both on handheld dispensers and the mini Glue Dots are on perforated sheets.  Last night I was so excited I made up two pages with some flower photos not too long ago.

Here are some photos I took of the different Glue Dots I tried out.

The top photos are of the mini Glue Dots.

The middle photos are of the craft Glue Dots, which are medium size dots.

The bottom photos are of the removable Glue Dots small size dots.

So here I am starting on my first page of photos.  The photo on the top left is the photos and paper I started with.  I narrowed it down to 5 photos and used my photo cutting tool to crop the photos to show the best parts of the flowers.  The photo on the top right is after I have cropped the photos and figured out photo placement.  The bottom left photo is showing after I had used the removable glue dots to hold the photos down.  I decided to spice up the paper with some buttons and created a button flower.  I decided to try out the mini glue dots on the buttons to affix them to the paper which worked great!  I was really impressed with the buttons being held down so tightly.  I had fun trying out the different Glue Dots on this page.  So I was ready to create my second page.

The purple flowers, OH how pretty!  You agree right?  Thanks!  I had fun cropping the photos on top to go from big to small as well as showing the difference between the buds and the flowers once they had bloomed.  Once I had the photos on the paper I went through my ribbon to find some that matched and came up with 4 different spools and ended up on deciding on this two sided ribbon.  One side is purple with green stitching, with the reverse side being green with purple stitching.  What I ended up doing was using the craft Glue Dots periodically to attach the ribbon purple side up across the page.  Then I went on to create a bow using a short piece I had cut along with a small metal brad to hold it down.  I then wrapped the bow around the middle to cover the brad holding it in place with a removable Glue Dot.  The Glue Dots are wonderful for holding everything in place.  I can’t wait to add these two pages to my scrapbook.

So you might be wondering if there were any negatives to these Glue Dots.  The only one I could think of is that the dispensers are not refillable.  But Glue Dots has not let us down.  They are able to be recycled!  YAY for recycling.

For more information on Glue Dots, check out Glue Dots on Amazon, find them on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter.

4 thoughts on “A Dot Here, A Dot There, Glue Dots EVERYWHERE!

  1. I have never used glue dots but they look like they would come in handy for the vision board I am making. I just finished the book "the law of attraction" and am putting some of the principles into practice by creating the board.
    These may work better than tacks, or tape.

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