I love to bake.  In fact, I love to bake so much I take photos of my baking and send photos to my friends via text to show them what I’ve made.  My favorites are chocolate chip cookies and brownies.
Do you find yourself baking or are you more of a cook?  I’m learning how to cook as I find a food I want to make for friends.  For my birthday I made pancakes for everyone that celebrated my birthday with me.  I called it Brinner, because I made breakfast for dinner.  It was wonderful.  This past Friday we made homemade pizza.  We made dough from scratch, with everyone bringing toppings for their part of the pizza.  I will admit now dough is not something I’ve made before, so one of my friends made it.  But now we know how long it takes to make homemade pizza!

After all my baking experience, I thought it was time to try and learn a bit more about cooking.  And since I love to read and want to learn about cooking some new recipes so when I was offered a copy of The Recipe Club by Andrea Israel and Nancy Garfinkel, it seemed like a wonderful idea.

The storyline is two women, Lilly and Val, who reconnect  through email following the death of a parent.  After a few emails, we discover that Val has discovered the letters they sent to each other as young girls.  Along with their emails we now read the letters they wrote each other and learn that they started sending recipes to each other.

I admit that the beginning of this book had some tension between Lilly and Val.  This made it difficult for me to continue reading through their emails where they started arguing about the situation that stopped them from talking years earlier.  I wanted to take them aside and have a talk about how they should really be talking it out face to face.  However I was really enjoying reading the recipes and the letters they sent as young girls.  My favorite part would have to be the recipes they send each other.  The recipes I most want to try are Ben’s Brownie Sundae, The Nutty Professor Cookies, Chicken Soup with Stars, Homemade Moon Pie Cookies, Ga-Ga-Gai Pan, and Welsh Rabbit (which isn’t rabbit, but you’ll have to read the book to find out what it is!).  And as you can see the recipes I want to make are mostly baking but wow…Homemade Moon Pies!  Doesn’t that make you hungry? I’m ready to try some of those recipes…while I’m cooking perhaps you should check this book out.

Sound tasty? How about a shot at a free copy from SahmReviews.com?

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