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As much as I hate to admit this…

A while back, I was watching TV and what I saw made my eyes mist over.  I wish I could say that it was some tear-jerker movie or one of those medical miracle shows on Discovery channel.  Or even a reality show where someone that really needed that new house, new life, whatever got their wish.


Instead, I have to confess that it was a commercial.  For an insurance company.  Yikes.  What has this world come to? Watch it for yourself, please.

I’ll answer that.  What it’s coming to is a sense of responsibility.  Not only with people becoming greener but also with people becoming socially mindful.  A few years ago, Liberty Mutual launched a commercial that swept people off their feet.  It demonstrated a non-monetary pay-it-forward concept of lending a hand where needed.  If you Google it, you’ll find that there are random blog posts and marketing comments dating back to 2006.  It became viral and Liberty Mutual realized they were onto something big.  Something that touched people.  The Responsibility Project is the result of such a simple concept, “We believe the more people think and talk about responsibility, the more the world becomes a better place.”

When Mom Central first announced a blog tour for The Responsibility Project, I immediately recalled the video that I embedded above.  Curious of other commercials with the same message – yeah, I like crying over commercials – I started watching them.  I kept getting swept away in watching the videos on The Responsibility Project website that I kept putting off working on my blog post for Mom Central!Don’t think that the site is a mass of Liberty Mutual commercials because it isn’t.  Actually, it’s designed to encourage people like you and me to contribute thoughts and comments about what we believe being responsible means.  Watch the videos, share your opinions, read their blog.  If you do nothing else, watch one of their videos such as the Lighthouse.  It’s awe inspiring.  Kudos to Liberty Mutual for the initiative!

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