Keep Cool With These Waterproof Games

Keep Cool With These Waterproof Games

The thermometer is supposed to take a peek at 70 degrees this week and it won’t be long until we’re able to enjoy a splash in the pool or hot tub. But once we’re done cannonballing, playing ‘shark’ and laying in the sun, what else can we do in the pool?

If you’ve learned anything about our family during the past year of over 100 board and card game features, you know we love to try out all kinds of boxed games. And in an attempt to continue this hobby, we have found a number of products specifically targeted to those of us that might like to continue to play while enjoying the sun and water.

With warmer weather we all want to head outside. With these products, you can continue your gaming uninterrupted! -

Splash Cards

We told you about these last summer and have continued to use them any time we visit family in Alabama (and bogart the use of the neighbor’s pool). Because they’re a regular deck of cards, the number of games you can play is virtually unlimited. Winning Moves has a couple different versions depending on the age of the players. They are the same deck, but with age-specific designs. The original Splash Jack has cartoon fish, while the Splash Jack Deluxe version has a much more traditional look to the cards.


With warmer weather we all want to head outside. With these products, you can continue your gaming uninterrupted! -

Spot It!

There’s a good chance you already own at least one version of Spot It! But I’ll bet you didn’t realize they make a version specifically for outdoor water fun – Spot It! Splash! For 2-8 players and supplied in its own mesh bag, this 55-card classic is appropriate for all ages. And they’re not just waterproof, they also float! No diving to grab that stray card!


With warmer weather we all want to head outside. With these products, you can continue your gaming uninterrupted! -


An all-time favorite of many families, ours included. Now you can take the fun into your pool or hot tub with this plastic version! Not only do they come in a waterproof carrying case, there is also a special wild card that creates a “Downpour” of cards for all players, requiring them to draw 1 or 2 cards into their hands. If you don’t already have a copy of UNO, considering picking up UNO H2O instead since you can use it both in and out of the water.


With warmer weather we all want to head outside. With these products, you can continue your gaming uninterrupted! -

Kings Drinking Cards

Let’s not forget about the adults. Now I’m not condoning drinking and swimming, but if you’re sitting in your Jacuzzi and need something to liven things up a bit, check out Kings Drinking Card Game. These waterproof cards are a cross between beer pong and Quelf, requiring actions to be performed before placing your card under the cap of a drink.


With warmer weather we all want to head outside. With these products, you can continue your gaming uninterrupted! -

Swimline Floating Mult-Game Gameboard

For those that can’t decide on just one game, take three in one box. This floating game board from Swimline is reversible, sporting a backgammon board on the other side. In addition, all of the included pieces for backgammon, checkers and chess are magnetic! You don’t have to worry about a rogue wave spoiling the game – all the pieces will stay in place! Even the dice float!

There you go! Feel free to spend a couple extra hours in the pool and exercise your brain at the same time. What games do you like to play in the pool?

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18 comments on «Keep Cool With These Waterproof Games»

  1. Lata says:

    Scott, I am sure many families are going to benefit from your post on pool games come summer. In India, I am not sure these games are available. But I will check next time I go to Hamleys:)

  2. Really interesting games. Such creative designs. Thanks Scott for bringing these up.

  3. My kids love to play Uno. I so need to get this one to play by the pool!

  4. Terry says:

    Really!! Waterproof games!! I am taking my family to Virginia Beach for a week this summer. We happened to get a place with a pool. They would love pool games.!

  5. Love this list! Even if my kids are poolside at Grandma’s…everything gets wet. It’s great to know there are awesome waterproof options out there and we will definitely pick these up!

  6. Waterproof would be good even around the house. My kid is clumsy!

  7. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    Spot It Splash? I am on it. I had no idea they made this, but it;s one of our favorite games, so I need to get this for the beach.

  8. Michele says:

    Bet any of these would be great to take on vacation when you know a pool will be a featured part of the day! I really wish they had these when I was young–maybe we would not have “sun-worshipped” quite as much–of course the worst sunburns are usually obtained in the water–so wear that water proof sun screen if you are going to play these.

  9. Lesley says:

    It’s like you read my mind today! I totally was searching this morning for something waterproof to play with for the kids!

  10. jennifer hecker says:

    love the ideas, especially the Uno and the game board!

  11. Uno H20??! Well, it doesn’t get better than that!

  12. Liz Mays says:

    I just love that there’s an UNO version for water. I also love that waterproof floating game board. Serious fun!

  13. Salma says:

    I had no idea that there were waterproof games, how awesome! And we love spot it and uno. Thanks!

  14. Again, I have no idea how you find all these, but wow -waterproof games? and Uno? That was always one of our favorites, when my kids were young!

  15. katrina g says:

    those games look great. we love Uno here!!!! will have to check out that pool one though, looks awesome.

  16. Tony Platz says:

    Would like to try this version of Uno .

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