Holiday Giveaways 2023 – Sky Team by Scorpion Masque

When you think of 2-player games, if you’re like me then you probably think of head-to-head competitions. We kept hearing a lot about Sky Team from Scorpion Masque / Hachette Board Games and it’s probably because it’s a cooperative game for two! That’s not something you see every day. Fly down to the widget and take a chance on winning a copy of this game!

Holiday Giveaway 2023 – Sky Team Game

19 thoughts on “Holiday Giveaways 2023 – Sky Team by Scorpion Masque

  1. Hard question to answer. Most 2p “vs” games are a bit easier to handle that way, but there are times that a co-op makes sense. In this particular case, it seems like the co-op aspect does work well. It’s a lot easier to design a “vs” game, it seems – that 1v1 option seems easier to write rules for, determine a winner, balance, etc. Trying to come up with a system that balances the game against 2p co-op seems harder to do and keep it interesting.

  2. games with 2 players has the most attention from the players. Cooperatives tend to have some less attentive players.

  3. My wife prefers coop, because she says she’s too competitive for her own mental health, so that’s what we usually play

  4. The main advantage of a two player co-op game to me is the ease of bringing my non gaming friends and family to the table. It allows me to teach in a way where they are comfortable learning because they don’t have to be”on guard” before we’ve even started playing.

  5. In competitive games, if one player is better or just more in tuned with a mechanic or game, it will fell unbalanced and one player will continue to win most of the time. This can be alleviated with a co-op game like Sky Team. One doesn’t have to live in fear that they are going to lose every game, so players will (hopefully) want to get the game to the table more often.

  6. That is the best way to have a more attackie game like memior 44. It’s like chest, zero sum interaction. I do love co-operative two player games, but there can be quarterbacking still.

  7. I prefer co-op most of the time, because I usually enjoy “figuring out the puzzle/strategy” aspect of board games and working together.

  8. I like cooperative 2p since I play primarily with my wife. When I play with a friend, I enjoy head to head instead of cooperative.

  9. I prefer cooperative. Sometimes it is more fun to work together as a team to meet goals and a lot of those games involve different scenarios

  10. I prefer head to head in 2 player due to 2 player coorperative becoming very easy to quaterback accidentally.

  11. My favorite game of 2023 is Star Wars the deck building game. I love competing against someone else to be the best. However, if I am playing with grandkids, I prefer cooperative to be able to work together to solve a puzzle

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