Holiday Giveaways 2023 – Junk Drawer by 25th Century Games

Anyone that says they don’t have a junk drawer in their home is probably not being honest with themselves. Whether it’s in the desk, a kitchen drawer or hall nook, it’s there somewhere. Now, if they say they don’t have Junk Drawer, the game from 25th Century Games, then point them to our guide to games for teens and adults. It’s a polyomino game about organizing the drawer so we encourage it as a gift for puzzle fanatics! 25th Century Games consistently releases quality games, several that we’ve featured here. We enjoy a lot of their games so we appreciate that they’ve provided a copy of Junk Drawer for one of you. This prize won’t end up in a random drawer… it will go on the game shelf for whomever enters and wins!

Holiday Giveaway 2023 – Junk Drawer Game

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