Holiday Giveaways 2022 – Suspects by Studio H / Hachette Boardgames

When was the last time you read a mystery novel? Suspects is the first in a line of investigative games styled after Agatha Christie novels. With the success of escape room games, I suspect (see what I did there?) that this line will be a huge success.

You may have spotted it in our list of games for older kids and adults and added it to your shopping list for someone who enjoys a good detective experience. If you want to add this game to your own collection, enter the giveaway for a chance to win a copy compliments of Hachette Boardgames!

Holiday Giveaway 2022 – Suspects Game

27 thoughts on “Holiday Giveaways 2022 – Suspects by Studio H / Hachette Boardgames

  1. Man, that’s a hard one to choose. Sherlock comes to mind – in all the various incarnations.

    I enjoyed the team of Bailey & Olivaw in Asimov’s Robot stories. I’ve also been enjoying Wax & Wayne in the Mistborn stories.

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