Holiday Giveaways 2020 – Shifting Stones Game by Gamewright


We regularly feature games from Gamewright here with a mix of new titles and ones we’ve found at the thrift store. They have a variety of types that include different age ranges and time frames so it’s always fun to showcase what they have to offer. In this year’s guide to family games, we included Shifting Stones while adding Abandon All Artichokes to our list of card and dice games. We previously offered a giveaway for Abandon All Artichokes so that leaves this Shifting Stones as the prize this time around. Want to add this to your game shelf? Grab a copy on Amazon or enter the giveaway using the form below!

Holiday Giveaway 2020 – Shifting Stones Game

30 thoughts on “Holiday Giveaways 2020 – Shifting Stones Game by Gamewright

  1. I have never played or even heard of shifting stones so I really don’t know if I am any good at puzzle games. I THINKi would be ok. It definitely would make me think and challenge me. **Smiley face**

  2. I love all kinds of puzzles, because of the challenges. I don’t always win, but I give it my best shot – as long as I am having fun! Yeah!

  3. I am good at puzzle games, they are my favorite kind! I have never played Shifting Stones before, it looks like fun.

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