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We often hear the old wives’ tales about kids needing to try different foods to finally learn to enjoy them. We agree that introducing foods to kids at a young age is important and have multiple stories on this website about getting our kids to eat foods like salmon and vegetables… and now paying the price of it because they’ve developed a love for sushi. It’s true that it does make a difference and we use those same principles when introducing people to unfamiliar board games. In fact, we created a post on introducing kids to modern board games as well as dedicate a gift guide (each year) to games for younger kids.

One of the games you’ll find on the most recent list is Jungle Runners from Tactic Games. The game uses simple concepts you’ll find in other games (roll and move), but incorporates multiple pieces per person so there are more choices. It also utilizes the box as part of the board! Sound like it could tame the animals in your zoo? Enter to win a copy!
Mega Giveaway 2018 – Jungle Runners Game

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  1. I’m not very familiar with which species inhabit jungles, so going from generic media representations I’ve seen, probably monkeys or tigers.

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