There’s one thing I know about party games and it’s that sometimes rules get ignored when they become annoying. Our Mega giveaway Day 114 prize is Voodoo by Mayday Games. We featured it in our list of games for elementary and tweens because it’s one of those party games that has opponents doing things like running around the table each turn or playing the entire game with only one hand based on what spells you cast. What is different is that in Voodoo you’ll get points if they stop doing it so casting ridiculous spells is to your benefit!

Abracadabra! We’re casting a spell to make you want to win this prize!

150+ Days of Giveaways – Day 114 – VooDoo Game

20 thoughts on “Mega Giveaway Day 114 – Voodoo Game

  1. I’d cast a spell of good sportsmanship, because the main goal of all games is to have fun, the secondary goal is winning.

  2. I would use my freezing spell on my opponents and render them and their magic useless in the face of my magnificence!

  3. I would cast a spell and make them do the dishes!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Ahem, I mean… probably have to stand up.

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