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I walk into stores these days and see special sections dedicated to plus sized clothes. There are entire stores dedicated to it for adults, but lately I’ve been seeing the trend in children’s clothes as well. I get it. As someone who has difficulty fitting into mainstream clothing, having stores that focus on all shapes of bodies is nice. Unfortunately, when it comes to my kids we have a completely different issue. My daughters have always been petite. Heck, I was 30 lbs at 5 years old and everyone thought that was small. But Miss K is entering 6th grade in the fall and still hasn’t broken 50 pounds. We keep on top of making sure she is eating healthy. She snacks on proteins like cheese, hard boiled eggs and nuts. Salads are one of her favorite meals. The combination of her healthier-than-her-mom taste buds and her fitness level had kept her frame small and her body mass low.

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As parents we keep an eye on this from a health standpoint, but I have to say that her small stature has really limited her choices when it comes to fashion. She’s a fashionista. She wants to wear what is trendy. She doesn’t like hand-me-downs because her sister’s tastes in clothes are nothing like her own. Last summer she attended fashion camp. She creates clothing designs on paper and it’s only a matter of time before she starts sewing them herself. When we go into stores, the sizes that fit her tend to have licensing from something a much younger child would watch on TV.

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We manage to find some outfits that will fit the bill for everyday wear. When it comes to sports, however, the choices are even more limited. Well, they were until now. We recently discovered Limeapple and it has changed the way the girls dress – both on the track and off. Their selection of activewear outfits is great. Not only trendy styles, but also colors to appease diverse tastes. There are outfits designed for dance or cheer, as well as general fitness that are great for other sports.

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I’m always hesitant to order clothing online for Miss K because of her small size. Fortunately, Limeapple provides a sizing chart on their website to ensure I was able to purchase the correct items. Sure enough, the clothes fit perfectly. Know what else? Both the girls loved their new outfits. With one picky dresser and one fashionista, finding outfits that BOTH liked and wanted to wear as soon as they came out of the laundry was unbelievable. I call it a total win. For me, the fact that the brand focuses on empowering girls and encouraging positive, healthy choices is a selling point. The durable materials used along with the quality manufacturing means the clothes should have some longevity. Their headbands, as an example, have a non-skid inner lining. I guess that makes these win/win/win.

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You know how I knew they really liked them? They have worn them to track every time since we received the package in the mail. Not only that, but Miss K also wore one of her outfits just around the house and has earmarked one for the last day of school this week.

If you have kids that are difficult to shop for, are in sports/dance/swim or even just active in general then I encourage you to check out Limeapple. In addition to their activewear, they also offer some super cute preteen outfits as well. We found dresses, tops, shorts, capris, jackets and even accessories to add to the wish list.

As a bonus, their regular prices are very affordable and their sale prices are even better! Keep up with Limeapple’s latest promotions on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Of course, the only thing better than a great sale is something free so we’re excited to be able to offer a gift card to our readers! Be sure to come back daily to enter.

Do you struggle to find outfits that both you and your daughters agree on?

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40 thoughts on “Fun, Affordable Activewear for Tweens

  1. This is a great giveaway, I have a petite one myself and completely understand what you mean…I will make sure this summer she snacks often on proteins, etc but I am pretty sure that she will just have a small frame, lol.

  2. Great post, my daughter is only nine months old so of course she’s not exercising yet but I can’t wait for us to do that as mother and daughter together when she’s older. I saw some little girl workout clothes at Walmart and of course they weren’t this cute and the quality not the best so thanks for the new leads!

  3. How nice that you found this source for your kids! Those are great looking stylish activewear articles of clothing. Being affordable just makes them even better!

  4. These are really cute clothes for kids and it is great that you were able to find clothing that fits your petite girls. The younger one is very petite. I remember being very skinny like that also.

  5. I have the same problem as your Miss K! I have so much trouble with my weight and just cannot gain extra pounds! As a young adult I get alot of comments criticizing my size and it really is a pain trying to find clothing, especially when most of it is catering to the other end of the spectrum. I am glad to hear that you have been able to find something that she enjoys wearing and fits her nicely!

  6. My girls had different taste than I did…it was so hard to go shopping and us agreeing on a piece of clothes. I like the outfits they picked out. A new workout outfit always motivates me 🙂

  7. I love those bright colors. I actually didn’t really know about activewear for kids. I will look into this!

  8. Your daughter is built how I was at her age. I was always petite and thin and it was hard to buy clothes, even as I got older. I love this activewear – the colors are cute and the quality looks very good.

  9. We don’t struggle to agree on clothes… my daughter is only 4 and LOVES dresses with leggings the most. Activewear is hard to find though… the shorts I got her from old navy were like booty shorts! WHAT? WHY?

  10. I know my niece is very opinionated on her outfits, but would love these. They look like the fit great and I love the bright colors!

  11. She is adorable I love that she is a fashionista lol Thanks for the giveaway as well I never heard of Limeapple so I will have to check them out.

  12. My daughter would be great for this! She is so active and loves to run, these comfortable clothes would be a great fit for my tween!

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