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Golf season is upon us (not to mention Father’s Day approacheth!). The time of year when we go out shopping for our hubs and our dads, only to come back with another box of golf balls.

WHICH, they actually appreciate. Because it’s GOLF, golldarnnit!

Colin Phillips, Arccos Golf, playing a round in Scotland. - SahmReviews.com

Which brings to me to the story of the golf tech that ate my husband.

Last week, it was 24 degrees in Connecticut. The kids and I solved that problem by building a really short blanket fort and laying under it.

Meanwhile, My husband is at work. In Florida.

Playing golf.

Yep, that’s what he does for work. He’s a software honcho at Arrcos Golf, which means all of that natural Vitamin D is paid for.

Colin Phillips, Arccos Golf, and his wife Elizabeth as they golf in Scotland. - SahmReviews.com

Golf at First Sight

I’m no dummy. I like golf. So in the process of looking for a mate 12 years ago, (before match.com was lame, and ALSO before it was cool), I created what I thought was a pretty smart “What’s your favorite color?”-type question.

To weed out the thousands of men that would flood my inbox.

I am such a weirdo. “Hey guys: would you rather walk a golf course or take a cart?

I guess I thought if my dream man was a walker it probably meant he loved golf, and not just to drink beer outside on a nice day.

I don’t know what I learned, because, well there were only three guys in my inbox: one who drove a cart, one who had to cancel our date because he had an emergency rat extermination to take care of, and Colin.

Turns out, Colin does love golf.

A match made on the golf course. - SahmReviews.com

So we dated and walked the links and got married and now, here we are. Me in Connecticut with the kids, and him in Boca Raton with his sticks, wearing shorts and getting sunburnt.

A Golfer, His Gadgets and the Game

When Colin got the chance to work for Sal Syed and Ammad Faisal’s burgeoning start-up, Arccos Golf, a couple of years ago, he couldn’t stop grinning.

The only thing Colin likes as much as golf is to write software. 

Seriously. My dude TAUGHT himself how to write apps for the iPhone. On a train. 35 minutes at a time. Commuting back and forth to work.

Are you a golf fanatic? Arccos Golf Tracking System is being utilized by professionals golfers as well as amateurs. - SahmReviews.com

Now it’s at the stage where Arccos is, like, being used by pros during practice rounds of tournaments. Arccos Golf, my friends, isn’t just a golf-gadget… it’s an uber-golf gadget.

It’s for … golf people! (cue screams)

There are a lot of dumb golf gadgets out there that golfers love to dump money into. (I can still hear the mechanical “click” of my brother’s putting machine from my childhood. Tap. Pause. Thump. Click.)

So what makes Arccos Golf worth the investment for a golfer, and worth the loss of my children’s father to sunny green fairways?

Amateurs and Professional golfers can utilize Arccos golf technology to improve themselves. - SahmReviews.com

Simple: a ridiculously gorgeous box of 14 Bluetooth enabled sensors. A seamless, runs-in-the-background iPhone app. Together, they create the dream caddy a golfer can finally afford and certainly deserves.

Like, What?

Let me sum up. Screw in the sensors (yes that’s possible!). Turn on the Arccos app on your phone. Let the super-cool app my husband and the Arccos team created** track all sorts of numbers a golfer may not want to know (depending on how angstful a golfer one is). Greens in regulation, number of putts, fairways hit. The length of every single shot!

Do you see what has happened? My sweet cutie has banded together with a ragtag bunch (just like in every movie where things get eaten!) to create golf tech that will also eat your husbands and dads! Argh!

I’m sorry.

I have been a golf-tech widow for a couple of years. Sure my kids think their Dad’s name is TiVo. But it has been worth it. I’ve got a wonderfully happy hubby who has been crucial in the design of Arccos, one of the most fun and beautiful golf tech products around.

Arccos Golf is $399.95, worth every penny, works with the iPhone (not Android yet!) and is available on Amazon as well as the Apple Store.

If you have any other questions about Arccos you can ask me, or read more from PGA, Apple, Stephanie Wei, or Billy Horschel. Connect with the team and stay up-to-date on the latest news by following them on Facebook or Twitter. Of course, you can always just email Wyatt.

**Author’s Disclaimer: The whole Arccos team is amazing and very well groomed. Colin did not do all of the work himself.

22 thoughts on “Arccos Golf: Tech that Ate My Husband

  1. Neither my husband nor I are into golf so your post was interesting to me. I like how you went about finding the perfect person for you by asking the question if they like to walk or ride the golf course. That was a good way to weed out someone you would not be interested int.

  2. How fun! Our new house has a golf course behind it, so learning to play golf is probably in our future.

  3. Golf.. my husband used to play it all the time and he was great. Time has passed and he has lost his drive with it. I wonder if he will pick it back up if I show him this.

  4. Daisy, my hubs and I have date night in the winter, but in the warmer months, we drop off the kids and have “date day” and go play golf together. I’m not that great, but it is much more enjoyable to be outside and together and in the sunshine! I took a few lessons and that sure improved my game as well!

  5. This would make a great Father’s Day gift. My own dad is a golf addict. Thanks for sharing this AMAZING review. (I love apps and app creators! I have all these app ideas and have no idea or motivation to learn…)

  6. My Daughters significant other is a golfing nerd! Seriously, he loves the game. I think this would be something that he would be very interested in. Maybe even something my Daughter would like to buy for him. I don’t know though, because I don’t golf.

  7. This would be an awesome gift!! I hope the price comes down, or they come out with a less expensive version. I never know what type of golf balls to buy my kid’s Grandpa and this would be a really cool gift.

  8. Ha! I wanted one of those little gadgets your brother had. I thought those were cool, lol. My husband saw the golfers out today and he was chomping at the bit. He’s ready! 🙂

  9. Hubby takes me with him every now and then to help me learn how to play. I love it! I totally need more practice though lol.

    Hubby would absolutely love this golf tech though, so I’m bookmarking this so I can show him later. 🙂

  10. Wow. I don’t play golf but that sure looks like that would make an amazing gift for anyone who does. Great idea for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

  11. My husband and his buddies have been playing golf for a few years now. He didn’t play golf when I first met him and I don’t play golf. Sorry, but I think it is boring! Like watching paint dry. I’m glad he likes it and spends time with his buds. I did get him a little laser machine. It calculates how far he should hit the ball and in which direction. I think a lot of married older couples do play golf. It’s less physical, but it can be expensive.

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