When there isn’t snow on the ground, we try to attend festivals and fairs whenever possible. Sometimes we travel to nearby major cities but more often, we hit local events like the Bix Biederbeck festival, Celtic Highland games, Beau Arts Fair, or RibFest. We like to take in the music and food while seeing what unique wares the vendors have to offer.

During last year’s RibFest, we grabbed some chairs and listened to music then helped ourselves to a variety of ribs and sweet treats. The weather was exceptionally hot so it was a nice break and retreat to the U.S. Cellular event trailer where the air was a bit more comfortable. In addition to handing out drawstring bags and other swag to guests, they also provided an opportunity for U.S. Cellular customers to earn reward points. It was fun to cool off AND get stuff for it. My girls loved having their own fans to cool themselves off!

It was a #BetterDay at the RibFest with U.S. Cellular swag! #BloggerBrigade - SahmReviews.com

That was last year but it looks like U.S. Cellular will be doing something similar this year as they visit communities throughout the U.S. as part of the Better Day program. Their “Band of Better” community outreach team will surprise residents in a variety of ways offering giveaways and other goodies to make summer even better. You’ll see them showing up at community parks, block parties, local businesses and events such as 80/35 Music Festival in Des Moines, Iowa. I’ve met with our local U.S. Cellular office and know how they work with the community but this is even bigger… In addition to festivals and events, they’ll be capping it off with a community beautification project in select cities to showcase U.S. Cellular’s commitment to the community.

Have a #BetterDay at the 80/35 Music Festival thanks to U.S. Cellular and SahmReviews.com!

To help kick off this #BetterDay program, one lucky SahmReviews.com winner will receive two tickets to the 80/35 music festival. If you live in Iowa or will be visiting Des Moines over the 4th-5th of July, this is a great way to enjoy the weekend.

For more information about U.S. Cellular, visit their website or catch up with them on Twitter or Facebook.

80/35 Music Festival Giveaway

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