Does This Scrunchie Go With My Leather Boots?


Us men have it easy. Well, most men. Short (or no) hair means no extra fancy doodads on our heads. Au natural or a baseball cap is all that is required. Maybe a winter cap when the weather is appropriate, or a derby cap for the golf course. But unless you’re a 60’s hippie throwback with a scrunchie in your ponytail, that’s about all that is necessary for us. How my life changed with two little girls, one being Ms. Barbie/makeup/jewelry/etc. Both were blessed with straight hair and they both insist on wearing it long. That means ponytail holders, bandanas, head bands, rubber bands, alligator clips and more fill their drawers so they can have a never-ending choice of hair accessories. Of course, one of each will not do, you need the entire rainbow of colors and designs. I’m in so much trouble when they start buying their own shoes… Nicole noticed my plight and mentioned she had a client that might help me when it comes time to purchase more accessories. There aren’t too many things I hate more than standing in the fashion section of WalMart looking at day-glo scrunchies and Hello Kitty alligator clips. The pricing on their hair bands is good (sometimes just a few pennies each in bulk), but I have found out that this is something that you definitely get what you pay for. So Nicole sent me a couple “Hard Head Bands” from to give to the girls. This style of headband happens to be their favorite type anyhow. The 2” plastic bands are covered in colorful material, in this case a bandana-type design. Now, being the closet craftsperson, I have made this exact type of headband myself in the past and know exactly how much it costs to do-it-myself. In my case, I bought a dozen or two headbands off of eBay, had some scrap material around and also went out and purchased some licensed Chicago Bears material so they could root for our team! Adding in the glue, spray adhesive and the labor of making them, I do not see how can afford to sell these for only 5 bucks! Their website sells so much more than just these hard hair bands, and the selection of different ‘things’ to help hold back your hair is mind-boggling to this uninformed male. My youngest daughter recognized a lot of the styles right away and is already working on her birthday list (September!). Even if it ends up costing me more per piece than the bulk rubber bands from WalMart, the fact that we can shop from home and save me the embarrassment of deciding between Cinderella hair clips and Spongebob head bands in a public place – well, that’s priceless to me. Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive item to help you or your child just keep your hair out of your face, or something you can wear out to dinner at a fancy restaurant, seems to have you covered (pun intended)! Be sure to tell them “Max Power” sent you! (you won’t get a discount, I just like promoting myself….) For more information on CoverYourHair – Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any of the other social media sites listed on their website!

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