Winner – Precious Moments Giveaway

Sorry for the delay in posting the winner. I drew it over the weekend while on vacation. I had every intention of posting the winner while away but the monitor on my laptop went out and I couldn’t! (Psst. Apple, Dell, Toshiba… If anyone wants to send me a new laptop to product test and review, I would be ever so happy to oblige! Anyone?) My laptop snafu would also explain why there has been such a shortage of posts on both SAHM Reviews and SAHM Ramblings for the past 10 days!

Anyway… Thank you again to BSM Media and Precious Moms, for making this Precious Moments Giveaway possible!
Using, the winner is:
#10 Mary512
Runner up: #18 Jonbonjovious

We finally had a chance to watch the Prima Princessa DVD while on vacation and I have to say that I’m very excited about the review and giveaway related to it! My girls loved it!

I’m also very excited to announce that I’m participating in a giveaway for Idina Menzel sponsored by One2One Network. Stay tuned for details!

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