Holiday Giveaways 2020 – King of Tokyo Dark Edition Game by iello


When we started going to a weekly game meetup at a local college, the girls were much younger. They tried new games and learned that there are a lot of different types of games. King of Tokyo from IELLO was one of the first games that Madison asked for as a gift. We’ve often recommended it as a gateway game to introduce new people to modern board games. As a result, we will be including King of Tokyo Dark Edition in an upcoming list of family games! This dark version of the original is a limited release product so we’re extra excited to have one to give away! If you’re interested in this wicked version of King of Tokyo, use the form to enter. Be sure to take advantage of the various social media opportunities and come back daily for bonus entries, too!

Holiday Giveaway 2020 – King of Tokyo Dark Game

41 thoughts on “Holiday Giveaways 2020 – King of Tokyo Dark Edition Game by iello

  1. I’ve played King of Tokyo. I own King of New York, but haven’t played it yet. So I guess King of Tokyo is my favorite.

  2. I have King of Tokyo and a number of the expansions, and have played many times. I have not played King of New York.

  3. We only have King of New York, but I’m familiar with Tokyo. It actually seems like Tokyo might be the more streamlined experience

  4. I haven’t played any of these but this one would probably be my favorite because it’s “dark” so it has to be cool.

  5. I’ve played the first edition of King of Tokyo. I’ve never played King of New York. Dark seems like the best evolution of the series

  6. King of Tokyo, King of New York, and of course, King of Tokyo Dark edition. Is there anything else, besides the expansions?

  7. I’m familiar with both Tokyo and New York, but I’ve only played Tokyo so far. I’d have to say that one is my favorite by default, but I’m interested to try out all of the new mechanics New York has to offer

  8. I’ve played King of Tokyo a lot! I’ve also played King of New York only once. So I’m familiar with 2 of them.

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