As we’ve gotten older, we’ve come to the realization that there is nothing wrong with purchasing things that make us happy. Things that work FOR us, make us feel better, make our lives easier.

A few years ago, DH tried out facial and body products specifically designed for men. I’m not sure they’re classified as men’s beauty products but I’m not sure what else to call them. Handsome products? Anyway… included in the list of his regular purchases are a variety from the Dove Men+Care Line.

These men’s care products aren’t frilly. They aren’t floral or even musk scented. The best way to describe the scent is “fresh” smelling. They are functional and targeted for him. When I asked him for a few specific examples, he offered a few opinions: For one, he said they lather really well compared to entry-level haircare products. Instead of a handful of shampoo, only a dab the size of a nickel is needed. He also said, to my surprise, that he DID notice a difference when he used the “caffeinated” shampoo. The fortifying shampoo with caffeine + calcium version he is currently using is invigorating compared to traditional products. For someone who doesn’t drink coffee, I’m sure that gives him a bit of a morning buzz! LOL

Dove Men Polaroids

Do I have any concerns about all the extra products in the shower? Not a bit! Even with these few extras, mine still outnumber his 2 to 1! Besides, it’s nice having a man who cares enough about his appearance that he’s willing to purchase something for himself! As a bonus, they aren’t any more expensive than what we would normally buy!

If you’re on the fence about whether or not these types of men’s products would work for the man in your life, here’s a chance to try out so of the range of hair products from the Dove Men+Care line without costing anything. Just enter to win a gift package! It’s easy! (And free!)

For more information on these products, visit the Dove Men+Care website, follow them on Twitter, check out their YouTube channel or like them on Facebook!

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