I haven’t figured out why my mornings are so chaotic, but I think it has something to do with having a kindergartner that doesn’t move very fast in the mornings.  After getting her off to school, I grab a quick yogurt or piece of fruit before hitting the gym, but my favorite thing is to just steal one of the kids’ granola bars.  I can take a bite and set it down then come back to it or I can just carry it with me and snack on the go.Thanks to a blog tour by MyBlogSpark, I had the opportunity to try the new Chex Mix Bars.  I received a gift pack that included the Turtle flavor, but it also comes in Chocolate Chunk.  Since I haven’t met turtle flavored anything that I haven’t loved, it wasn’t much of a stretch for me to really enjoy these.  They’re sweet and gooey and taste more like a snack food than a whole grain product.  The Turtle Chex Mix Bars are caramel-covered Corn Chex, Wheat Chex pieces, chocolate, peanuts and pretzels.  Need I say more?  Fine, I will… Each bar has 130 calories and 4g of dietary fiber.  (Click the picture to view the nutritional facts for yourself.)

If you think this is your kind of product, you can sign up for Betty Crocker’s newsletter and receive a free sample in the mail! If you already know that you like them, grab a 35 count box at Amazon!  Either way, leave a comment to win them!  Here’s the scoop on the giveaway…

The Prize(s)

“Basket of Indulgence” from Chex Mix Bars.  Gift basket includes: a box of tasty Turtle Chex Mix Bars to sample, chocolate candles, caramel lotion and spa essentials like a loofah, hand massager, nail brush and spa towel.  Three Winners!


Participants –

…must provide a United States shipping address
…must provide an email in the first comment, email me directly with an email address or have email accessible from their profile. Winner has 72 hours from posting/notification to respond.  If winner cannot be contacted, I will move on to the second random selection.  Seriously, I hate having to move on to the runner-up and since I haven’t gotten the PrizeyWinners thing to work, please make sure that you provide an email somehow.

Sometime on November 18th, a winner will be chosen at random (using random.org) from all comments left. Although I would love to say that I’ll be using PRIZEYWinners, I can’t be sure since I haven’t been able to figure out how to do it yet!  (Honestly, I’m about to throw in the towel.)

How to enter: (CONTEST CLOSED)

And just so I don’t leave you hanging about the title of this post… A turtle walked into a bar and said “I’m here to mix with the Chex.”  Get it? Turtle, Chex (chicks), Mix, Bar.  It works, right?  Yeah, there’s a reason I don’t write comedy bits.  Go leave a comment for the drawing, no bad jokes required to enter.

98 thoughts on “A Turtle Walked into a Bar

  1. I like the traditional “Chex Mix!”
    Their recipe for “Peanut Butter Pie” sounds and looks delicious. Please enter me in your drawing. Many thanks, Cindi

  2. We tend to make and eat a lot of Chex® Muddy Buddies. My kids love to make it and we all love to eat it. A quick and delicious snack.


  3. I love the original chex mix. Until I read the comments I had completely forgotten about muddy buddies!! I think I’ll have to make some!
    marisajayne_16 at hotmail dot com

  4. YUM! I like to make the muddy buddies..you know use the original chex mix…cover them in chocolate and powdered sugar! We usually only make it around christmas time..which will be soon! YAY!

  5. Shoot I just like the plain old corn chex any time of day or night. I’m too lazy to cook these days 🙂 but I just might have to try those muddy buddies everyone keeps talking about.


  6. My favorite is a Chew Mix we make for the holidays. Reminds me of my grandmother’s house! Yum! I also like “Puppy Chow” when I want something sweet.
    frog123 (at) cyipcom (dot) net

  7. I love chex all sorts of ways-just with milk, for a snack, as Chex Mix and Puppy chow. I think my favorite way is a recipe my mom makes for Christmas. She mixes chex, M&M's, peanuts and pretzels all together with melted white chocolate and lets it cool. Not sure what it's called, but it's delicious!
    khmorgan_00 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  8. I love Chex Mix. I would say I like the homemade version best, but the bagged version tastes just as good. My husband tries to push the cheddar version, but I love the original best!
    momabr at yahoo dot com

  9. I have Muddy Buddies in my fridge right now. I LOVE to make those!!! I put some in snack size containers and send them to school with the kids. Their friends love it! YUMMY!!!!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!!

    HunnyV “at” Optonline “dot” net

  10. I love eating Rice Chex with strawberries for breakfast. The Muddy Buddies Recipe is also a hit at our house. Thanks.


  11. My favorite way to enjoy them is to eat them while watching tv which I do often haha I just love Chex mix so darn much especially those yummy pretzels! 😀

    lc_intocable [at]yahoo[dot] com

  12. I love to Rice Chex right out of the box. No milk, I just grab a handful. The Muddy Buddies recipe is also a big hit at my house. Thanks!
    skstigger (at) hotmail.com

  13. I like the new Chex Trail Mix. The kids picked it up at the store and it just sat in the pantry for a few days then I gave it a try. It’s great! I take some with me while I go wait for the kids to be released from school.

  14. Like so many others my favorite way to eat Chex is by makng muddy buddies. However, I also love mine with plain old milk in a bowl! Thanks! sharlacarbine at gmail dot com

  15. I like traditional Chex Mix but we also eat Chex cereal, which my 2-year-old daughter likes to pick out of her bowl with her fingers (even though there’s milk in the bowl).


  16. I had Wheat Chex for breakfast this morning. It’s been my favorite since I was a little kidlet.

    And Chex Mix is my holiday guilty pleasure. Keep the Christmas cookies; just gimme the Chex Mix!

    Nyssa AT concentric DOT net

  17. I love to eat a big bowl of the rice chex with skim milk. I also like to make puppy chow with them. I would love to win this, thanks for the giveaway!

  18. My favorite Chex is Wheat Chex for breakfast. But the kids love to help make Chex Mix and love eating it even more!
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    proudyaya04 {at} yahoo {dot} com

  19. My favorite way to enjoy Chex is to buy Chex Mix. I love so many of the Chex Mix varieties. I also do love the Chex bars. They are so good and I would love to be able to win some more of them. This is a great giveaway and I really hope I win. Thanks.

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