My Cup Overflowith. With Chocolate.

I remember when I was growing up, Halloween was a special day where we would drive from neighbor to neighbor and get candy.  Yes, I said drive.  We lived on an acreage and the houses weren’t close enough to walk to – especially considering that it was usually snowing.  We would get some candy, but since we didn’t have many neighbors, it was enough to last us just a few really chocolate-filled days.

Well this Halloween, DH took both girls out trick-or-treating.  They returned to the house after a little while when Miss K got tired of walking.  Miss M emptied her bucket and we set out for trip number two in the other direction.  Miss K helped DH dole out candy to the kids coming to our house while Miss M decided that running was the best way to get from door to door on this second trip… all the while me asking “Are you ready to head back to the house yet?”  When we finished off the night, we had half a tote bag of candy between the girls two buckets.

My cup runneth over with plenty of chocolate.  But you know what, it isn’t as satisfying as it used to be.  Why?  Because my taste buds have been introduced to higher quality chocolate.  Thanks to a blog tour from Mom Central, I received samples of Ghiradelli’s new Luxe Milk candy bars, made with rich and creamy milk chocolate and all-natural ingredients.  I’ll be honest, I haven’t met a Ghiradelli chocolate that I didn’t like… they’ve all be wonderful. I even bake cookies with Ghiradelli Baking Chips.  These were no disappointment either.  Five delicious Luxe Milk flavors to choose from:  Almond, Hazelnut (with real nuts and not just flavoring!), Milk, Crisp and Duet.  I tried each of them and have to say that I loved all the flavors, Hazelnut most.  They are a little pricier than the candy you find on the checkout aisle, but they taste so much better.

So stop raiding the pumpkins that your kids filled on their neighborhood trick-or-treat trip.  Next time you are at WalMart, Target, Borders, Walgreens or any of the other merchants carrying Ghiradelli chocolates, just pick up a treat of your own, a Ghiradelli Luxe Milk bar.  Your taste buds will thank you and you don’t even have to wear a costume.  Just don’t plan on sharing it with the kids.

Thanks to Ghiradelli for this delicious product and to Mom Central for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour.

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