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Way back in school, so may people said “What am I going to need Geometry for when I grow up?”  I’m a mom now and I can say that geometry is crucial in knowing how to cut things to prevent sibling arguments.  Think cake, brownies, pie, sandwiches.  Yes, geometry is a necessary evil.

Use Toobeez to create forts, learn about geometry or even take them to work for team-building exercises. -

But I was a math geek so aside from the PITA teacher I had, it didn’t bother me to learn geometry.  Good thing, too, because when I received a box of Toobeez to review, I was amazed at all the possibilities.  When we opened the box, Miss M and Miss K sat down with the creation sheets and pointed out all the different things they could make.  Miss M said “We can use it in the water, or make an obstacle course or…or….”  So the girls picked what they wanted to build – a tent – and we constructed it.  While the pieces were a little difficult for 4-year-old Miss K to snap into place, Miss M had it down in no time flat.

These super-sized building pieces have fun AND educational functions. -

They played with it until almost bedtime when I told them we needed to take it apart and put it away.  As I was disassembling it, I noticed that one of the walls could serve a different purpose.  Miss M’s assignment for the evening was to practice emergency exit routes.  So I told the girls we would work on the fire drill and they needed to start in their beds.  Without telling them, I said “If you see a fire, you need to find a different way out.”  I stood my “fire” up in the hall then sounded the mom alarm.  “Eerr. Eerr. Eerr.”  Over and over while they attempted to escape.  I was quite amazed that they recognized my ‘fire’ and found a different exit route.  Hooray!  They returned to their beds, I moved the fire and we did it again.  And again.  And again.  I’m one proud mama knowing they are learning such important safety measures.

These super-sized building toys have multiple uses. -

We set it up again the next day and I showed them how pieces can be connected in a way that they move.  The girls were able to spin the piece in the middle of this contraption.  I have to admit that I’ve had a lot of fun working with the Toobeez set.

There is so much you can do with these that it’s really more than just a toy.  While I was reading the material provided with the set, I was amazed to see all the supporting literature.  It’s one thing for a company to claim that “This product can be used for…” It’s a complete different approach to provide the tools to make it happen.  Not only do they provide training manuals to help make the most of your Toobeez (from a non-toy perspective), but their website is filled with sample videos on various team building exercises.  You can also check out Project-Connect “to learn more about Toobeez and how you can use them for team building, collaborative efforts and different therapies.”  Teachers take note – Toobeez provides a great deal of written literature on utilizing their product for math, science and language arts.  It is truly a versatile product and I find myself torn at calling it a toy!

If this seems up your alley for the kid (or teacher) in your life or if you have a work budget that allows for team building material, pick up a set!

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