If Dice Games Are Your Jam, This is the Gift Guide You’ve Been Looking For

I don’t know about you, but one of my first experiences with dice as the main part of the game was Yahtzee. The game continues to be relevant and has even taken on licenses such as Marvel and D&D as you’ll see in this gift guide. But dice games have moved beyond that to include educational ones, cooperative, licensed and more.

This gift guide provides an assortment that will cover a range of ages, favorite themes and game mechanics. See if there’s something for one of your gift recipients!

Popcorn Dice

Van Ryder Games

Retail Box - Popcorn Dice

Popcorn Dice is a fast & fun dice game for 2-6 players! Roll your dice to pop your popcorn, but careful not to let it burn. Each popcorn rolled is one point and double pops are worth two, kernels go back to be rolled again. If you roll four burnt popcorns, you bust and don’t score any points for the round. After each roll, decide to stop and score or press your luck and roll again.

Doozy Dice

Doozy Games

Retail Box - Doozy Dice

Need a game that’s more family friendly? Doozy Dice is a brand-new addictive game of strategy and chance with twists and turns on every roll. Easy to learn and fun to play again and again. Their team had so much fun creating Doozy Dice. They found themselves laughing and having a ton of fun at the twists and turns of the dice.

Dice Hunters of Therion


Retail Box - Dice Hunters of Therion

In the kingdom of Therion, villains are up to no good. Lead your team into battle against these foes… unless your opponents have a larger team! Then you can go after smaller treasurers or try to improve your team.

Munchkin Farkle

Steve Jackson Games

Retail Box - Munchkin Farkle

Play the classic game of Farkle in a whole new way! Munchkin Farkle marries the classic dice game with the Munchkin sense of humor and stab-your-buddy mentality. Rather than the traditional race to win, Munchkin Farkle is a race to win . . . and make your companions lose! Cheat, curse your friends, and occasionally Run Away as you push your luck on every roll. Add the most Gold Pieces to your hoard and win!

Marvel Dice Throne

The Op Games

Retail Box - Marvel Dice Throne

Marvel Dice Throne is a fast-playing, dice-rolling combat game that lets players battle as their favorite Marvel heroes in one-on-one duels, team battles, and free-for-alls! Based on the smash success Dice Throne, this Marvel Dice Throne 4 Hero Box puts players in the roles of Scarlet Witch, Thor, Loki, and Spider-Man, each with their own set of dice, player board, and unique deck of cards. Attack your opponents and activate abilities with dice rolls, accumulate combat points, and spend them on action cards that allow for ability upgrades such as Scarlet Witch’s Chaos Magic and Spider-Man’s Invisibility. All 4 heroes are compatible with the entire Dice Throne ecosystem.

Retail Box - The Spill

A unique 4-way dice tower stands at the center of this suspenseful cooperative game for 1 to 4 players. Offshore rig, DeepWell4, has ruptured and is spilling crude oil into the ocean at an alarming rate! Your joint task force must work together as a team to avert an ecological disaster… one which threatens to contaminate marine life and devastate the ecosystem. Oil dice spill out of the tower onto the four quadrants of the game board, constantly creating new threats. Meanwhile, players sail the perimeter to contain the spill, remove what oil they can from the water and save the sea life. An exciting reverse tower defense challenge right to the very end.

Slam Words


Retail Box - Slam Words

Slam Words is the fastest word search game ever! Shake the cup, slam it shut to reveal 3 letters. Quickly find a word that uses the three letters and pass the cup to the next player who must find a new word, or they are out. Part of our Slam Dice™ collection, this game is highly portable for fun anywhere.

Don’t L.L.A.M.A. Dice


Retail Box - Don't LLAMA Dice

Roll the dice and match them to the cards in your hand. If you can’t you take a card from the center and add it to hand. Take negative points for leftover cards or if you can’t draw cards, but give back chips if you win or roll three llamas! Win by having the fewest chips in the exciting dice version of our L.L.A.M.A card game!

12 Dice of Christmas

Steve Jackson Games

Retail Box - 12 Dice of Christmas

12 Christmas-y dice make for one fast, fun game! You’re picking dice to get the right numbers to buy the presents you need for Christmas . . . and keep your friends from getting what THEY want. Easy to learn and quick to play, this will be a holiday favorite for everyone!

Yahtzee: Dungeons & Dragons

The Op Games

Retail Box - Yahtzee D&D

Take a chance on quick strategy and coordinating creatures in this version of the classic “Shake, Score, & Shout” dice game! YAHTZEE®: Dungeons and Dragons fires up a bold new spin on America’s #1 dice game with a multi-use, black scaled dice tower with red D&D dragon ampersand and six-sided dice decorated with classic creatures, such as a Dragon, Owl Bear, Gelatinous Cube, and more. Dice tower measures 101 mm H x 75 mm W and fits standard d4 through d20 dice for adventuring in RPGs of any origin!

We’re pleased to say that some of these items will be included in this year’s mega giveaway. Be sure to come back regularly to find out what is up for grabs! If you’re looking or more gift ideas, be sure to check out our guide to family games, gifts for younger kids and games for teens and adults.

Which of these dice games will help create your next gaming memories?


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  1. Popcorn dice sounds like fun and easy enough to play with my 3 y.o. grandson even though it says ages 7 and up.

  2. The Dice Games listed in this gift guide that I want to play are Slam Words, Popcorn Dice and 12 Dice of Christmas.

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