Mickey and Friends Food Fight Dice Game Overview

Mickey and Friends Food Fight is a fast-paced Disney-themed dice game from The Op.- SahmReviews.com

When we moved to California, we realized we had to make substitutions for things only available in the Midwest. One of the products we purchased was Best Foods Mayonnaise because it reminded us of the Hellmann’s we would enjoy back home. One day we happened to notice that the label said it’s a product of Hellmann’s but is referred to as Best Foods west of the Rockies. This memory came rushing back when I heard about Mickey and Friends Food Fight game from The Op. I said to myself, this reminds me a lot of Astro Trash. It didn’t take long to confirm that it is, indeed, a reimplementation of that game we told you about back in late 2019. You could read that article to learn how to play, but honestly, this one is Disney-themed and that makes it even better than the original. That’s saying a lot because we really enjoy Astro Trash. But c’mon… Food Fight is DISNEY! What could be more fun than having Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Goofy throwing food at each other?

Mickey and Friends Food Fight is a fast-paced Disney-themed dice game from The Op.- SahmReviews.com

The setup is essentially the same with each player selecting a character board and set of dice. The serving tray is placed in the middle of the table within reach of all players, a general supply of tokens is set off to the side and the food pieces are randomly distributed to everyone. Each player will start with the same overall quantity, but not necessarily the same amount of any individual food type.

Mickey and Friends Food Fight is a fast-paced Disney-themed dice game from The Op.- SahmReviews.com

There are three different dice in each set. One represents the five food types along with a question mark this is a used as a wild. The second die indicates the quantity of food you’ll get to throw. Which leaves the third die as a directional one letting you know where to throw the food.

Mickey and Friends Food Fight is a fast-paced Disney-themed dice game from The Op.- SahmReviews.com

Mickey and Friends Food Fight is a fast-paced dice-rolling game. Each player is simultaneously working as fast as they can to rid all the food from their own tray. Whether you throw it at someone else or onto the serving tray in the center will be determined by what you roll. You can get a feel for the chaos by watching this video about how to play Food Fight.

Mickey and Friends Food Fight is a fast-paced Disney-themed dice game from The Op.- SahmReviews.com

Someone begins the game by announcing “1, 2, 3, FOOD FIGHT” then everyone rolls all three dice. Determine which food to throw, how many and where and do it. Quickly. Throw it as directed then pick up all three dice and roll again. Quickly. As you’re trying to get rid of food, others are sending it your way too!

Most of the time you’re throwing at other players, but sometimes the Mickey icon is the die result which means you’ll send it to the tray in the center. This causes the amount of available food to decrease constantly. Eventually, someone will be out of food and yell, “Done!” Everyone stops and the winner of the round collects a medal. Clean up the room, redistribute the food and get ready for another round. The first to three medals wins.

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While this is the basis of the game, there are a few variations to give it some variety. I don’t recall if Astro Trash had alternate variations for play because we always played the original. It’s fun as is. While the Disney theme is my preference, the 3-D pieces in Astro Trash are better for older players like myself who have limited dexterity. Picking up the flat Mickey food tokens can be a little more difficult. Whether you enjoy the Disney theme or the space clean-up, Mickey and Friends Food Fight and Astro Trash are both good options for the game shelf. You can order direct from The Op, order from Amazon or check your local game store for availability. There are lot of exciting things flying around at The Op so stay tuned to their social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for news and updates!

Have you ever been in a real food fight?

51 thoughts on “Mickey and Friends Food Fight Dice Game Overview

  1. I’ve never been in a real food fight, but I’ve always wanted to be in one. Tinkerbell is my favorite Disney character.

  2. Yes! I’ve been in a couple of food fights. One when I was a kid with my brothers and sister. Another time I remember was when I was an adult (?) at a wedding banquet! People were drunk! They didn’t even care that they were dressed up in gowns and suits! It was a blast!! This game sounds like fun!

  3. My favorite Disney character is Belle and NO i have never been in a food fight but i would like to be someday!

  4. This looks like an Interesting game . I was at Disney World when I was a Child and would like to maybe win a Trip to see it again one of these Days ….

  5. Saw plenty of food fights in the high school cafeteria! Never participated! Looks like a good game to play with the family!

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