Does your smart home include a home security system? Devices like the Panasonic HomeHawk don't require a service contract and allow you to check on your home from your smart phone. -


A couple weeks ago we had new neighbors move in around the corner and as is our custom, we welcomed them to the neighborhood with a plateful of treats. They returned the plate a week later with a lovely chrysanthemum plant. That’s what it’s like around here. You leave your doors open until you’re ready to go to bed. If you accidentally leave your garage door open in the middle of the night, either a neighbor lets you know or you wake up in the morning and nothing appears to be missing. I’ve always felt safe and secure and never felt the need to look over my shoulder when outside at night.

Until recently, that is. Sometimes the girls need to arrive at school early so it was business as usual until I opened the door to the van and saw things everywhere. Everything from the glove compartment was on the passenger’s seat and the floor. The things from the center console were on the driver’s seat and the floor. I was unnerved by it all. I hadn’t surveyed the scene yet to figure out which window was broken, but as it turns out, none were. Scott thought I had locked it since I was the last one inside. I thought he had locked it since he drove and my hands were full carrying stuff in from the trunk. They had gotten into our vehicle on the one instance where we didn’t lock it. The bright side is that they didn’t do any physical damage to the vehicle nor did we find anything of value taken. As I started talking to the neighbors about it in the days to follow, I discovered that this wasn’t an isolated incident. A couple other neighbors had experienced similar situations. One had been hit multiple times, another had a vehicle stolen.

Does your smart home include a home security system? Devices like the Panasonic HomeHawk don't require a service contract and allow you to check on your home from your smart phone. -

It made me wonder if perhaps these criminals were checking for unlocked doors every night. Scott and I did the next logical thing: start researching the next piece of hardware for our smart home. He discovered a few he is interested in learning more about, while I took the advice of a friend and checked out the HomeHawk by Panasonic. The HomeHawk cameras have built-in motion detector features and can monitor and record the sights and sounds of the area where the cameras are located. Without needing a contract AND from my phone. Count. Me. In.

Does your smart home include a home security system? Devices like the Panasonic HomeHawk don't require a service contract and allow you to check on your home from your smart phone. -

How many cameras come with the HomeHawk?

With single above-door units or packages that include one or two additional cameras, there are a number of options. With the KX-HN7002W packages, the front door camera offers a HD wide angle lens in addition to one water-resistant peripheral camera with the KX-HN7002. We mounted the peripheral camera on the opposite side of the garage to ensure we have full view of our entire front yard when combined with the coverage from the front door cam. The nice part is that the system can accommodate up to 8 mobile devices and 16 cameras (yes, 16!!) so we have the option of adding more cameras around the home to ensure we have adequate coverage from multiple angles. I seriously want to buy an extra one so I can see how many raccoons have been raiding my backyard each night!

Does your smart home include a home security system? Devices like the Panasonic HomeHawk don't require a service contract and allow you to check on your home from your smart phone. -

Is the HomeHawk setup easy?

When it arrived, I tasked Scott with installing it. To be fair, it was because I was out of town at a conference. The following day, he sent me a message and said the setup of the HomeHawk was easy. My first thought was, “Of course it was, all tech stuff is easy for you.” So I asked him outright if it was Scott-easy or if it was non-techy-person-easy. He confirmed it was simple enough that someone with limited technological expertise could set it up. The front door camera connects to screws attached to the wall, kind of like hanging a picture frame. The peripheral camera is a little more unique. You attach a base to the wall. The base includes a strong earth magnet which makes it easy to attach and adjust the angle of the camera. The installation into the brick took a little more work than the setup of the system and the devices, but once we had the right tools in hand (a hammerdrill with the right drill bits), Scott had it done in about half an hour.

Does your smart home include a home security system? Devices like the Panasonic HomeHawk don't require a service contract and allow you to check on your home from your smart phone. -

What are the HomeHawk features?

HomeHawk security cameras have motion detection features and can monitor and record both visuals AND sounds in the area around the camera. The wide-angle lenses show everything in color, even with night-vision! It offers a built-in rechargeable battery which makes it 100% wire-free. My favorite part, however, is that it sends an alert to your devices. Not just one device, but multiple. As long as you register a device, you can get notifications. I cannot stress how cool that is. Whether you’re at home in bed, running errands or out of town, you can check on what is happening outside of your home. Using the HomeHawk app, you can review what has been recorded or you can watch live what the camera is seeing. Since my concern stemmed from something that happened in the middle of the night, it’s good to know that the HomeHawk switches to night vision mode when there isn’t adequate lighting. The built-in speaker allows you to talk to someone where the camera is installed, too. If the doorbell rings and you aren’t home, you can pretend you’re home but can’t get to the door. Better yet, if Fedex arrives and needs a signature but you’re in the middle of washing dishes or changing the baby, you can tell them you’re home but need a minute to get to the door.

Does your smart home include a home security system? Devices like the Panasonic HomeHawk don't require a service contract and allow you to check on your home from your smart phone. -

Which devices sync with the HomeHawk?

I keep saying that you can check your Homehawk from your devices, but I haven’t shared which ones. In addition to using the app on iPhone and Android devices, you can also use Amazon Alexa Show or a TV connected to Chromecast using Google Home.

Does your smart home include a home security system? Devices like the Panasonic HomeHawk don't require a service contract and allow you to check on your home from your smart phone. -

What can the HomeHawk app do?

As I mentioned before, there’s a speaker that allows you to talk to whomever is at your door. That’s done through the HomeHawk app. It also has a variety of features that I didn’t know it had. Yes, I knew about video and audio recording as well as live streaming, but I didn’t realize you could set the areas of detection. So you can have it pointed at the driveway and street but not have it trigger when a car drives by. The app is very powerful with the ability to move the view and zoom.

Does your smart home include a home security system? Devices like the Panasonic HomeHawk don't require a service contract and allow you to check on your home from your smart phone. -

There is something to be said for peace of mind and the HomeHawk by Panasonic can give that to you. It might not be a piece of home automation equipment you have considered in the past because, honestly, why would you unless you had something to worry about? I know we didn’t… until the incident with our car.

Depending on how much of your yard and drive you can see from your front door, the single camera Panasonic HomeHawk may be all you need. If you’re looking for a fuller experience, check Amazon for one of the packages that includes a base unit as well as additional cameras. Regardless what you decide, you’ll need to make sure you purchase anchors if you need to attach it to brick or a micro SD card if you want it to store recordings as neither of these items comes standard with the purchase. Check out the Panasonic HomeHawk website for specific product details and visit them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to get a glimpse of what else is happening. In the meantime, enter to win a HomeHawk by Panasonic right here! Remember that visiting every day and entering increases your chances of winning.

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73 thoughts on “Home Security Without a Contract

    1. I know what you mean, Michael. Even when we put a vacation hold on our packages, some inevitably slip through the cracks and get delivered. Thank goodness for alerts and awesome neighbors who are willing to pick them up.

  1. I live in a gated community where there are lot of nosy people. If I didn’t live where I do then I would get me a security system. But I feel very safe where I am. My aunt needs a security system though and that is why I am trying to win this.

  2. I have never had an incident that made we wish we had cameras, but there are always potential scenarios that make me want to have them.

  3. Yes, we have had some burglaries in my neighborhood and some car prowls so a home security system would be beneficial.

  4. Several years ago there was a rash of car windows shot out and mine was one of them. I wish I had a security camera then so possibly the culprit could have been identified.

  5. Have had a few break in attempt while we were in the house.. we did get 8 new cameras after that. I wish we had better security on windows and doors as well

  6. We live off a main road and many drunk drivers have taken out our mailbox, and someone is prowling our neighborhood’s cars; testing car handles. It’s been getting pretty bad! This system would make me feel 100% safer since my husband is constantly gone with the dang military.

  7. Yes. One time someone stole some decorative items from our front porch, and another time someone ran over our mailbox and left the scene.

  8. We haven’t had a break in, but we know people that have & they were devastated! They didn’t feel that safe in their homes anymore! We did have another kind of heartbreaking safety situation where our son-in-law was murdered!! His death left my daughter a widow at 28 years old with 3 kids! Her youngest child will never remember her daddy since she was only 4 months old at the time!! He was a great guy!! An ounce of prevention is a very wise move!!

  9. With delivery notifications, items are still stolen off of our front porch. This would assist us in finding the thief

  10. Yes. We live in a decent neighborhood, but we have a lot of break ins and theft. We have a security system (alarm) but no cameras. One of our vehicles (along with 8 other neighbors’) were broken into last Fall. We have the house well lit at night, but I’d really like to have cameras out there, too.

  11. I’ve had neighbors at previous homes do things to my lawn, and I would have liked to have proof by video. Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. When my husband is away and my daughter and I are alone, it would be nice to have a security system. We live in the country and don’t have any close neighbors.

  13. I never really felt the need before our dog died…he would bark loudly anytime there was anyone even walking down our street. But once he was gone, I have definitely felt that way…especially when I’m gone for long hours or when we go on vacation.

  14. Yes, when someone broke into my neighbor’s home in broad daylight when she was in the house! Scared me to death!

  15. Yes! Someone went down my driveway and stole money out of my husbands car. I was upset that he didn’t lock it, but more upset that someone would come so close to our house and steal from us.

  16. We were awakened at 2:30am by a firm knocking on our front door! Scared the #@&*^%* out of us as the front door is near our bedroom. I had to peek carefully through a narrow window with my body behind the door to see it was the police. Turns out they had the wrong house, but I sure wished I had a security system then!

  17. I live in a little town that you didn’t have to worry about thieves so much. Times have changed the last couple of years and we started to get hit pretty hard with thieves. I think before long everyone will have to have some kind of security system.

  18. My home was burglarized a couple years ago so I am especially careful about opening the door since I live alone. I have been wanting a camera to check it out before opening.

  19. Living in the woods there are many things that go bump in the night. Even if it’s just having the chance to see local wildlife a camera is a must-have for every home.

  20. I had a scare with someone trying to get into my house late at night, thankfully I was awake and heard them, then started turning on lights that scared them off, but if I’d been asleep…who knows…so yes, I wished I had a security system.

  21. I was 62 years old and 30 years in my house in one of the best areas of my city. Last year I witnessed a break in at the house behind me. Three young criminal thugs broke down the front door while the people’s teenage autistic son was home alone. After that we got a security system and encouraged everyone in our area to do the same.

  22. My storage shed next to our carport was gone through and some things taken while I was gone. They took boxes they could grab quickly it looked like. It didn’t appear they even looked through the boxes they stole. They were probably disappointed in what they got away with.
    Have fun untangling those strands of Christmas lights and hope you enjoy the box of material scaps I’ve been meaning to make a rag rug out of. Maybe you’ll actually get it done.
    While the theif didn’t get away with anything epensive it is still upsetting to be robbed from especially when you’re the type of person (like me) who would give it to you happily just for the asking.
    I live alone most of the time so a security system would give me peace of mind.

  23. yes!! yard decorations have been destroyed, gas siphoned out of the car, and my solar lights were stolen. I would love to catch any thief or anyone destructive around here and keep not only my home, but my neighbors also safe.

  24. Yes, we’ve had several incidents of burglaries, vehicle break-ins, and assaults in our apartment complex.

  25. There are daily events where I wished I had a security camera which includes my vehicle being vandalized 4 times since January.

  26. When I first became a single mom after I left my husband because he physcially abused our son giving him a skull fracture I was so afraid of him coming back and trying to hurt him again or me, I always felt like I slept with one eye open. God Bless

  27. Yes, when I was a child my parents house was broken into while we were sleeping. They didn’t steal much, but it made it very hard to feel safe after that.

  28. I love the Panasonic brand (and trust it)…so I’m excited about this product. Plus it doesn’t look like every other one out there.

  29. Twice our cars were broken into and items taken. We’ve talked about buying a security camera. Winning one would be even better! thank you for the opportunity.

  30. One of our 4 cats keeps pooping behind a chair but we can’t figure out which one. We have not caught them in the act yet.

  31. I live in a rural area and this year, something has been eating and stealing all my pumpkins on the porch. Would love to see what it is

  32. There have been a few of them. Our jeep was broken into. Then another time, my holiday decorations were ripped apart. I wish I could have been more prepared with a security system.

  33. We have a lot of times through our development where people come in and break into cars more than houses. We live at the corner of 3 states coming together so it is somewhat of a price target for people to do this and jump back to their state within minutes.

  34. My daughter’s purse with our house keys was stolen from a park a few months ago. The purse also had a little planner in it where she had our address. (We had a discussion on that!) I’ve been worried ever since that someone would break in and would like a security system.

  35. We had vehicles vandalized in our neighborhood a few months ago. I have felt uneasy since this has taken place so close to our home.

  36. Once, when I lived in another state we were supposed to have a security door on our bldg. but it was broken. My son who was about 7 at the time left our apt. door unlocked. I woke up and there was a man standing at the foot of my bed smoking a cigarette. Lucky hubby was beside me, and he sprung into action and the man was just someone who was confused after a night of partying and forgot which apt. he lived in. But yes, I would have loved to have some type of security system then, and also when unknown ppl ring my bell so I can see who they are without having to open the door first.

  37. I have packages stolen off my porch all the time, but that’s not the real reason I want a home security system. My husband works overnights, and I have severe anxiety, so I can’t sleep at night because I don’t feel safe. I want one so I can feel safe at night while he isn’t home. I’m home alone with my 2 small children on a main road in the middle of a busy town. A lot of people walk up and down my town at street at night, and I can hear them outside my house, and it stresses me out so much.

  38. There have been several events that made me wish I had home security; my home has been burglarized three times…one of those times I was home asleep. I need the HomeHawk! 🙂 Thank you.

  39. Hey! the front door camera offers an HD wide angle lens in addition to one water-resistant peripheral camera with the KX-HN7002.

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