Overjoyed with Under Armour

Overjoyed with Under Armour


Being a tween is hard. I am good at dancing, singing, drama, gymnastics and track. I play violin and flute, do well in school and have friends. But there are two pieces missing from the puzzle that would make me completely happy.

Fashion and looks.

A lot of parents and teachers say that looks don’t matter, but to me they do. Facial appearance, clothes, shoes, hairstyles, it is all part of fitting in. I have always been fond about these things. I love dressing in fashion, and drawing it too. I went to a fashion camp, which was really fun, and we learned about which shirts match which pants, and how to make a good outfit.

When I saw a lot of my friends wearing Uggs, leggings, Under Armour, and Converse, I thought they looked super cute. I had realized that all the people that were wearing those things were super likable, popular or both. Usually you are likable because of your personality, but you are popular because of how you look or dress. I have always wanted to be one of those people. So I figured that if I have those clothes, and wear makeup and all of that I would look prettier, be more likable, have lots of friends, but most importantly fit in with the rest of the kids.

My mom asked if I would be interested in writing about Under Armour’s kids’ line of clothes. Yeah. Duh. Sometimes moms ask the silliest questions. My mom didn’t tell me the package was coming though! When I saw the Under Armour, I immediately thought the colors and the design were awesome!!!!!! You could probably tell from the unboxing video that I was a little bit excited.

Under Armour has fashion and fitness in mind when launching new lines for both adults and children. - SahmReviews.com This tween loves Under Armour clothing because it's fashionable AND comfortable. - SahmReviews.com  This tween loves Under Armour clothing because it's fashionable AND comfortable. - SahmReviews.com
I may be a tween, but i can still be a kid. I love swinging, and going down the slide. I will never get too old for these things. Under Armour clothes let me be a kid, feel fashionable and be comfortable all at the same time.

This tween loves Under Armour clothing because it's fashionable AND comfortable. - SahmReviews.com

If you haven’t looked at Under Armour lately, they have a lot of variety of colors and designs. Some of them have sayings, some of them have the Under Armour logo and I have even seen shirts with a skeleton shaped as the Under Armour logo. That’s cool for boys, but I wish they would add a sparkly or rainbow logo to their line. I also wish they had a shirt that says “be proud of who you are.” I really need one that says “My happiness glows out of these clothes” because that’s how I feel when I wear Under Armour!

Under Armour is AGAIN on my holiday wish list and my parents can find some really cute stuff at several retail stores and online. I’ve even added Under Armour shoes to my list because a lot of people say they are comfy. I love almost all of their stuff.

Is there a tween in your family that is as crazy for Under Armour as I am?


About Kennedy

Kennedy is our resident fashionista, focusing not just on the latest trends and styles but taking time to learn about the designers and the history of the industry. She's intelligent and is active in orchestra, band and chorus. When she isn't participating in one of her many extra-curricular activities, you can find her watching Netflix, dancing, chatting with her friends or supporting the local animal shelter.

16 comments on «Overjoyed with Under Armour»

  1. Dandi D says:

    I’m going to have to check out their gear for my son and nieces!

  2. Ellie C. says:

    Super cute–I love the Under Amour brand for adults!

  3. My son begged me to get him an under armour sweatshirt I didn’t understand why but I obliged. Its super warm and it holds up well in washes. I have to invest in a few more for Christmas for him. He’s going to love them.

  4. Stephen says:

    Looks good, glad you like them. I’ve got three girls and they are still young enough to be completely happy wiht hand-me-downs. I’ll be a bit sad when that no longer works all the time as it can be a big jump in expense, especially for popular branded clothes. I don’t want my kids wanting certain clothes for the logo, but they also should not be ostracized simply because they were more common brands. But I have been curious about Under Armor as I like athletic clothes. I’ll have to keep this all in mind as my girls get older.

    1. Nicole says:

      Thank you for the sincere comment, Stephen. For us, it’s give and take. She doesn’t mind hand-me-downs or even thrift store clothes as long as they meet here style choices. I can’t blame her for that and am happy that she at least realizes that there are more options than just getting something new. You should see her when she finds Under Armour at the thrift store! Surprised but excited!

      1. Carleeh M. says:

        Thrift store UA, that is the biggest score for me! Help add to the closet without taking all my money from fitness events!

  5. James says:

    Under Armor is great!

  6. Carleeh M. says:

    All of my kids love UA! My kids really love how stylish and comfy they are. The love the shoes too. My tween daughter thinks they have great accessories and like to get socks and headbands. My little enjoys the skirt and pants sets. Personally, I wear 90% UA and have 6 pairs of their shoes. Honestly, I would buy more women’s shirts from Under Armour if they got a little more trendy! I think the little girls line is more fun than womens! I love mesh, lace, stripes, and faux leather. I am glad to see a kid blogger! Great job girly!

    1. Carleeh M. says:

      P.s. my daughter is also starting a blog! And named Cennady 🙂

  7. That is a cute outfit. Fashion camp does sound like a lot of fun.

  8. Deal Man says:

    @ Kennedy

    this brand my family members favorite.


  9. John Smith says:

    I’m sure there are all sorts of colors beyond the purple / purple-y range!

  10. James says:

    Thanks for the article! I’m a fan of Under Armour too… they are based in my hometown!

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