As you know, we spend a lot of free time doing things as a family. Going to conventions, playing board games, going to the movies and watching TV. Yes, I said watching TV. I know, I know. Parents are sworn to the unspoken code of “Don’t let the kids turn into couch potatoes.” With all the time they spend playing video games or streaming videos on their iPads, one would probably expect us to say no other screen time allowed.

Fortunately for our kids, we aren’t like that. Fortunately for us, we aren’t like that. The way we see it, screen time isn’t synonymous with bad.

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We go to the movies a lot. A LOT. We’re considered regulars if the theater has such a thing. Let me put it this way, we are there often enough that several of the concession stand workers know exactly how we like our snacks. Layered butter, Coke-no ice, with a coupon. Always. There are so many great movies and we want to see them all on the big screen. Unfortunately, that just isn’t possible. Schedules get busy (and movies get expensive) so we select the ones we’re most likely to want to see in the theater. Others, like The Smurfs 2, we patiently wait for their release on Netflix. There are even some movies like Hoodwinked that we kind of remember seeing something about but missed until *poof* we see them on Netflix.

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Sometimes we see a movie in the theater (Marvel Avengers, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2) but it’s worth another viewing and once again, we patiently wait for release on Netflix. ย When we know there is another movie getting ready to release, we always like to recap prior movies to remind us of the subtle details that will make the new movie more fulfilling.

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Of course, classics like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and The Breakfast Club are great to have in our back pocket for when we feel the time is right. Even movies like Holes are fun to sit down and laugh about as a family.

Too often, we get wrapped up in work deadlines, school work and extra curricular activities that we forget to have conversations. The time we spend in front of the TV opens doors to communication. Whether it is about a particular subject matter witnessed in a show/movie or critical thinking about what this character or that is going to do next doesn’t matter. Dialogue is dialogue. Any time parents can create opportunities to share a common interest, they should. Our kids are excited to discuss plots, potential outcomes, possible sequels and more.

StreamTeamBadgeThe biggest thing is that movie night – or even TV night – doesn’t have to wait until Friday. If the kids have their homework done on a weeknight, pop in a pizza and prepare for some quality family time. That’s how bonding happens.That’s how doors to conversation open. That’s when TV time becomes quality time.

What do you do to bond with your kids? Do you find sneaky ways to open the doors to conversation?

39 thoughts on “When TV Time is Quality Time

  1. We have family game nights on Fridays, then we have family movie nights on Saturdays. If we don’t make it to a theater, they usually involve Netflix. I have to admit, I love unwinding after a tough day catching up on my favorite series.

  2. We actually turned off our cable because I couldn’t stand the junk coming on T.V. I was paying close to $70 a month for programs and commercials that were tasteless. We love NETFLIX because we can choose what they watch and there’s no commercials. There’s lots of quality programming available on NETFLIX that the whole family can enjoy together. The price is very reasonable for all that you get with NETFLIX too.

  3. We absolutely love netflix! And even though my 2 youngest are 16 and 18, they always still ask me if I want to watch a movie with them. Last night we watched the Hunger Games second movie together, which we all thought was even better than the first one.

  4. I actually spend a lot of time watching Netflix with our kids because they have some great program options and shows that are family-friendly. I’m looking forward to watching Once Upon A Time with them today.

  5. TV – the opiate of the masses. No-one can have a decent conversation when it’s on. The news is full of propaganda. Barring feature films, certain documentaries and factual programmes the content is pure drivel designed to turn you into a moron.Turn the bleedin’ thing off and COMMUNICATE!

  6. We are not one of those families that limits screen time either. However our kids do have to play outside for a certain amount of time a day and read for a certain amount of time a day. We have set park days. We use to do movie nights and game nights but we have kind of slacked off due to moving. We need to get back into the habit of it.

  7. Most of our bonding time is spent in the kitchen making meals, that’s how I am able to sneak in conversation and get quite a bit out of them. LOL! We also have a twice monthly movie night and Netflix rocks for that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I don’t watch TV and I haven’t had Netflix for years. If there is a really good movie, I might find a way to watch that. I prefer outdoor activities and quiet time … ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. My sons are adults now but you still have to figure out ways to bond. We do try and have lunch dates or go out to dinner as a family as often as we can but we really bond over sports, especially football. Every Sunday you will find our sons at our house watching the games. It is a great time.

  10. We have certain days during the week we spend time doing something as a family, biking, movie, making pizza, or game night. It’s so important to keep together even if it’s one day a week. I love movie night, we all laugh together at some new movies!

  11. Great point! Family time can happen any time you’re communicating. It’s only when TV and movies take the place of communication and interacting that they’re a bad thing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. We don’t have cable but we DO have Netflix. Love catching up on the missed seasons. Although, will someone tell me when season 6 of SOA comes out?? ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Great read! My son is almost 10 months old, so TV is not much. When I need to r ake a shower or so I will put on baby Einstein or my baby can read for him. My husband loves movies but I prefer TV shows but so far no big deal…when son is bigger we will ensure that actual quality time and communication is a priorty.

  14. We love Netflix! On weekends my daughter uses it to watch a series. She has watched all of the episodes of Pokemon and My Little Pony lol

  15. We love watching movies together as a family, especially comedies! Even our weekly tv shows we record on our DVR are special moments between us and time to laugh!

  16. I love netflix, i’m actually watching it right now. Holes is one of my favorite “kids” movies. Netflix is very affordable and pays for itself every month, at least for us it does.

  17. I see your point about communicating about the movies etc. We get pizza, or subs than watch a movie every week. We call it family time because that is when we talk to each other the most before and after the movie. Thanks for sharing.

  18. The car is my sneaky way to conversation, especially with the boys. When my second oldest switched to a school further out in the country than we already were (gifted program to allow dual college credits), I chose to drive him every day instead of letting him take the bus because boys talk in cars. I dunno why, but I’m glad I discovered that early. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. We always have something on Netflix playing. We have cable, and I don’t even know why because we much prefer Netflix.

  20. I love the way you have spun this!! I love getting to spend time with the family and watching movies! It’s so fun to talk about them together and see what everyone liked about it! Very fun!!

  21. I don’t have Netflix yet but me and hubby were curious about it. I know my friend has one and they enjoyed watching movies especially for kids through them. I will check more into this.

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